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Some Things That ....

Discussion in 'History Forum' started by wpe3bql, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. wpe3bql

    wpe3bql Member

    May 15, 2015
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    ..... Happened on this date (July 1):

    1643--- First meeting of the Westminster Assembly, a council of theologians ("divines") and members of the Parliament of England appointed to restructure the Church of England, at Westminster Abbey in London.

    1858---Joint reading of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace's papers on evolution to the Linnean Society in London.

    1867---The British North America Act of 1867 takes effect as the Constitution of Canada, creating the Canadian Confederation and the federal dominion of Canada; Sir John A. Macdonald is sworn in as the first Prime Minister of Canada. This date is commemorated annually in Canada as Canada Day, a national holiday.

    1879---Charles Taze Russell publishes the first edition of the religious magazine The Watchtower.

    1921---The Communist Party of China is founded.

    1967---The European Community is formally created out of a merger with the Common Market, the European Coal and Steel Community, and the European Atomic Energy Commission.

    1972---The first Gay pride march in England takes place.

    1991---The Warsaw Pact is officially dissolved at a meeting in Prague.

    2002---The International Criminal Court is established to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression.


    1633---Johann Heinrich Heidegger, Swiss theologian and author (d. 1698).

    1807---Thomas Green Clemson, American politician and educator, founded Clemson University (d. 1888).

    1899---Thomas A. Dorsey, American pianist and composer (d. 1993).

    1906---Estee Lauder, American businesswoman, co-founded Estee Lauder Companies (d. 2004).

    1930---Carol Chomsky, American linguist and academic (d. 2008).

    1940---Craig Brown, Scottish footballer and manager.

    1942---Andrae Crouch, American singer-songwriter, producer, and pastor (d. 2015).

    1950---David Duke, American activist, author, and politician.

    1961---Diana, Princess of Wales (d. 1997).


    1681---Oliver Plunkett, Irish archbishop and saint (b. 1699).

    1784---Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, German composer (b. 1710).

    1819---Jemima Wilkinson, American evangelist (b. 1732).

    1884---Allan Pinkerton, Scottish-American detective and spy (b. 1819).

    1964---Pierre Monteux, French-American viola player and conductor (b. 1875).

    1974---Juan Peron, Argentinian general and politician, President of Argentina (b. 1895).

    1976---Anneliese Michel, German woman believed to be possessed by demons (b. 1952).

    1983---Buckminster Fuller, American architect, designed the Montreal Biosphere (b. 1895).

    1995---Wolfman Jack, American radio host (b. 1938).

    1999---Forrest Mars, sr., American businessman, created M&M's and the Mars bar (b. 1904).

    2004---Marlon Brando, American actor (b. 1924).

    2009---Karl Malden, American actor (b. 1912).


    Christian feast day(s): (1) Aaron (Syriac Christianity); (2) Blessed Antonio Rosmini-Serbati; (3) Blessed Fray Junipero Serra; (4) Julius and Aaron; (5) Leontius of Autun; (6) Servanus; (7) July 1 [Eastern Orthodox liturgies]; (8) Feast of the Most Precious Blood [Removed from official Roman Catholic calendar since 1969].

    Canada Day, formerly Dominion Day (Canada)

    Communist Party of China Founding Day (People's Republic of China)

    International Tartan Day

    SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wike/July_1