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Something Got Lost in the Translation

Discussion in 'Jokes & Humor (Clean)' started by kyredneck, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. kyredneck

    kyredneck Well-Known Member
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    Jul 28, 2009
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    An Italian, a Scotsman and a Chinese man, are hired at a construction site.

    The foreman points out a huge pile of sand.

    He says to the Italian guy, 'You're in charge of sweeping.'

    To the Scotsman he says, 'You're in charge of shoveling.'

    And to the Chinese guy, 'You're in charge of supplies.'

    He then says, 'Now, I have to leave for a little while..
    I expect you men to make a dent in that pile of sand.'

    So when the foreman returns after being away for a couple
    of hours the pile of sand is untouched.

    He asks the Italian, 'Why didn't you sweep any of it?'

    The Italian replies, 'I no hava no broom. You saida to the
    Chinesea fella he a wasa ina charge of supplies, but he hasa
    disappeared and I no coulda finda him nowhere.'

    Then the foreman turns to the Scotsman and says,
    'And you, I thought I told you to shovel this pile.'

    The Scotsman replies, 'Aye, that ye did laddie, boot ah
    could nae get meself a shoovel. Ye left th'
    Chinese gadgie in chairge of supplies, boot
    ah couldna fin' him neither.'

    The foreman is really angry now. He storms off toward the
    pile of sand to look for the Chinese gent.
    Just then, the Chinese man leaps out from behind the pile of sand
    and yells, 'SUPPLIES!!!!'