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sometimes stuff hits the fan

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by billwald, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. billwald

    billwald New Member

    Jun 28, 2000
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    Sometimes stuff hits the fan for people who have been doing the best they can considering their personal assets they have to deal with the situation that God has provide them. For example, person is hit by a drunk drive with no insurance or comes down with an expensive and incapacitating disease. These people should get public assistance. But they are probably less than 5% of the "homeless" people.

    Probably half of the "homeless" people are in their situation because of many bad personal decisions - drunks, winos, dopers, felons, pregnancies, and other immoral activities. A business person would be foolish to give them a job except as a charity. Giving them help without strings attached only enables and encourages bad behaviour. They won't change except for either a miracle from God or "bottoming out," maybe the same thing. They must get in such a bad way that they think they might die the next day if they don't change. I have personally known people who have changed and gotten sober but they are so brain dead that no one would hire them.

    The other half have mental problems which don't permit them to hold a normal job. The courts have decided that people have a constitutional right to be crazy and a right to sleep in alleys and beg. I personally know a "bag lady" who holds a job and keeps herself clean but can't stand sleeping under a roof.

    There are other people who live on the edge of poverty because they can't seem to handle cash money and can't plan ahead. They can do OK as subsistance farmers but can't handle a cash city situation. 30 years ago Michael Harrington described their problem as one of "event horizon." Their event horizon is very close and they can see past it. At least a farmer can "see" to the next harvest.

    Govt charity and aid makes things worse because govt employees can't consider the moral component of the problem.

    The churches could do a better job. Dispensationalism creates a psychological and eschatological block against trying to make the world a better place. Why? First, Dispensationalists are more interested in "saving souls" than helping bodies. Second, the world has to go to hell before Jesus can return and bail them out. Third, you get "raptured" and everyone left on earth "deserves" their situat for not "inviting Jesus . . . ."