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source of present KJV edition differences?

Discussion in 'Bible Versions & Translations' started by Logos1560, May 24, 2013.

  1. Logos1560

    Logos1560 Active Member
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    Oct 22, 2004
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    Does anyone here know the likely source for a number of differences in several present editions of the KJV?

    These differences can be found in several KJV editions printed by different publishers. So far I have found some of them in as many as 12 different editions printed from around 1987 until 2012. They are found in gift and award KJV editions as well as study Bible editions. All the editions do not have all the differences so some publishers may have noticed and corrected some of them.

    Most of the differences do not involve updating of spelling or changes that would likely be considered intentional. My guess is that they may come from a digital or computer based text that someone made for a Bible software program, for an online web site, or for a publisher. In the typing, a word was sometimes added or sometimes omitted or sometimes changed, likely unintentionally.

    Gen. 5:3 and after his image [instead of] after his image
    Gen. 27:43 arise [instead of] and arise
    Gen. 29:33 heard I [instead of] heard that I
    Exod. 10:14 And the locust [instead of] And the locusts
    Exod. 17:12 Moses hands [instead of] Moses' hands
    Exod. 25:34 And in the candlesticks [instead of] And in the candlestick
    Exodus 33:9 the Lord [instead of] the LORD
    Leviticus 24:11 of the Lord [instead of] of the LORD
    Deut. 2:11 called them [instead of] call them
    Joshua 7:2 the east [instead of] the east side
    Joshua 13:14 the tribes of Levi [instead of] the tribe of Levi
    Joshua 24:11 And you [instead of] And ye
    Judges 9:54 A women [instead of] A woman
    1 Samuel 10:27 brought no presents [instead of] brought him no presents
    1 Samuel 14:17 camp of thy brethren [instead of] camp to thy brethren
    2 Samuel 14:10 Whoever [instead of] Whosoever
    1 Kings 6:30 the floors [instead of] the floor
    2 Kings 5:10 wash in the Jordan [instead of] wash in Jordan
    2 Kings 16:17 the pavement [instead of] a pavement
    2 Kings 23:19 provoke the Lord [instead of] provoke the LORD
    Nehemiah 13:8 stuff to Tobish [instead of] stuff of Tobish
    Esther 2:21 lay hands [instead of] lay hand
    Job 3:14 which build [instead of] which built
    Job 7:13 complaints [instead of] complaint
    Job 7:21 my iniquity [instead of] mine inquity
    Job 11:12 For vain men [instead of] For vain man
    Job 14:3 doth thou [instead of] dost thou
    Job 14:18 the mountains [instead of] the mountain
    Job 31:25 If I rejoice [instead of] If I rejoiced
    Psalm 50:17 casteth [instead of] castest
    Isaiah 13:18 their eyes [instead of] their eye
    Lam. 3:27 yoke of his youth [instead of] yoke in his youth