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Sp today, I got a lot done, Immaginitive diray peace.

Discussion in 'Jokes & Humor (Clean)' started by Acebopata, May 3, 2012.

  1. Acebopata

    Acebopata New Member

    Mar 31, 2012
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    BTW, this is an accurate account, only dramatized for effect.

    Dear Diligent diary:

    Today, I began my day by planning this month's mega budget. I decided to get some much needed jeans and shoes, along with this month's supposed quota of video games. I was very surprised at the prices of the pants at Wal-mart, (Sadly, no Burlington for me,) :sarcastically-dramatic sigh: Which where $10 for a pair of faded glory brand. Shocking, but it looks like Burlington has some competition. In fact, I saved enough money not only to get my grandpa a copy of bejeweled 3 for the Nintendo DS (He actually likes that game, don't ask) but also to order three games and give my great grand-ma $30 to go toward the electric bill. Unfortunately, three of those games where ordered, and they should be coming in between the eight and the eleventh of this month. But I can't complain, not when I've got over 100 other Clean video games to play. I'm a collector of sorts, though I've had to reduce buying video games due to that mod-splanded economy, inappropriateness of games, violence and religious reforms, and a felling of increasing mammon serving.

    Anyways, had to leave yet another forum again. I'm grateful that it was not the baptist board, because that forum is generally kind and active, something attracting to me speaking forum-wise.

    Speaking of forums, my own private forum now has ten members, all of them me. That's right, ten acebopata's on one forum. I had to download nine internet browsers to perform this, though, but the community there is thriving. I wonder what people would think about ten of me? Probably that I'm crazy, But hey, It's my own mod-caring forum, I can do whatever the shanghide I want.

    And the warrior cat forums is still struggling with their ghost rule problem. I wouldn't recommend going there, but you'd see arguments, complaints, and mods trying to fulfill promises that the Admins will not let them fulfill. You'd also see a lot of harry potter, pokemon, and lady gaga lyrics, which speaks for it's self. I actually feel kinda sorry for them, actually. I posted one post proclaiming that any chance of me returning being ruined by the mod's ban on foreign languages, (Acebopata being Spanish for "holly-paw"), and it scared some people.

    All and all, I think It's been an eventful day.

    Your writer, who's Idea's come from the Lord when they bless people, and from himself when they harm people,
    Acebopata, the dreamer of nothing interesting unless the Lord allows it.