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Speaking of JW's...

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by MrCorey, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. MrCorey

    MrCorey Member

    Aug 17, 2006
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    I have a lot to say about JW's. My sister was a JW and because she was a JW she had to refuse many medical treatments thus leading to her death at the age of 34. That was 15 years ago.

    When we went to court to fight for custody of my nephew, the judge asked me to prove that JW's is a cult. I wrote him a 15 page essay. He read the whole thing and said I proved my point and that he was quite impressed with my essay.

    However, there were many midigating circumstances and we lost the battle for custody of my nephew. He is now 20 and Praise God, not a JW like his mother even though he was brought up in that religion.

    Anyway, I have a witnessing tool that I would gladly share with you if you are interested. You can work it two ways. You can go over it with the JW at your kitchen table, or you can give it to them and ask them to write out the answers and come back in a week {or two} with their answers. And go over their answers with them.

    If you are interested in this witnessing tool. Please PM me with your email address and I will gladly forward it to you. It is four pages and it is in Microsoft Word format.

    I believe 100% that my sister is in heaven. The JW's did not allow us any time with her towards the end. Whenever we were visiting her they were there too so we couldn't do or say anything.

    However, I worked literally, three or four buildings away from the hospital. When I got the call that "this is it" I got in my car and went to the hospital. The Lord blessed me with 15 minutes alone with her. I asked her some questions and we prayed the sinners prayer together. All this in 15 minutes before the JW's showed up.

    She actually died 7 times and they revived her all seven times. However, my aunt who is an RN and who is actually my age was with my sister and she told the doctors 7 times was enough, just let her go. I believe those seven times was God's way of showing me she was saved as seven is God's number.

    It was all a horrible situation, I was 29 y/o at the time. I rebelled against God because he took my sister from me. My sister was my surrogate mother. This was when I fell back into the gay lifestyle for the next five or six years, until the Lord convicted me again. But I had turned my back on God, even knowing my sister is in Heaven waiting on me.

    At any rate. I make the offer again. If you are interested in this witnessing tool, please PM me with your request and email address and I will forward it to you.

    in Him;