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Studying Upper Level HS ....

Discussion in 'Homeschooling Forum' started by wpe3bql, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. wpe3bql

    wpe3bql Member

    May 15, 2015
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    ....Western Civilization up to 2012.

    Can anyone recommend any really good, conservative, evangelically-based textbooks that delve into great detail of events up to (or possibly even beyond) AD 2012?

    I haven't had much success in locating any really good upper senior HS level textbooks that come very close to what I need to teach my students the material that I need to cover for this class.

    Most texts I've so far located are pitifully weak in one or more, or even all of the criteria my school administration wants me to cover. For example, I haven't found any that even cover any events beyond 2008--some don't even cover anything beyond 09/11/2001, if even that.

    The few that do manage to cover anything during that time have little or no coverage of anything that occurred during any part of the Obama Administration at all.

    If any of you can help me out of my dilemma, I'd love to read your recommendations!

    A REAL PLUS would be:

    1) A textbook that includes additional teacher's guides, etc.

    2) A textbook that has detailed graphics such as good colored maps, charts, or other related graphical material within the text of the student's textbook.

    3) A fairly comprehensive "For Additional Reading" sections at the end of each chapter so that when my students are preparing their required research papers and term papers, they'll have something beyond Wikipedia--which is NOT considered a reference source for any of their required research.

    My school's administration is very demanding of its students because when our school's graduates go on to college, we expect them to have acquired a very extensive knowledge of every subject in our very demanding curriculum.

    Thanks for any recommendations you have about my class.

    It's already started, but so far I've only covered primarily my class's scope and sequence so that my students will know what's expected of them.

    After Labor Day break, we'll really get down to business in this two-semester required class!
  2. Crabtownboy

    Crabtownboy Well-Known Member
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    Feb 12, 2008
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    I doubt you will find any textbooks covering events past 2012. The production cycle for such books is too long to cover events that recent.

    You will probably have to research and collect magazine articles and research papers.

    Also I am not sure what subject areas you are speaking about. Is it current events, science, medicine. What topic? My assumption is you are talking about current events, but I am not sure.
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  3. wpe3bql

    wpe3bql Member

    May 15, 2015
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    My OP stated that the particular subject I'm teaching is a history class that covers the history of Western (i.e., what's usually considered as comprising the histories of both Europe and the North, Central, South American continents).

    I'd be happy to find good senior high school level textbooks that cover up to 2008, but so far I've not been successful in locating any textbooks that meet the criteria stated in my OP--hence my reason for this thread.

    Presently, the production cycle for 2008 is now at least 6 or more years in length, so I'd think that per se shouldn't be a problem for the kind of textbooks I'm trying to secure.

    So, again, my question, as was stated in my OP for this thread, is if anyone has any information about source(s) of textbook suppliers for the kind of textbooks, etc., I described in my OP, I would be grateful if you could share that info with me.

    I do have some newspaper and other periodically published articles, but for a class of the size I teach, it's rather difficult to have to circulate these articles to each and every one of my students in this required two-semester class because access to my school's copier machine is limited since there's only one copier for its entire student body--and access to that one copier is also limited to just a few hours each school day.