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Talking about God on the net.

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by InTheNameOfLove, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. InTheNameOfLove

    InTheNameOfLove New Member

    Jul 13, 2003
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    I have discovered that trying to talk to people about God on secular sites almost always ends up being a failure. You're slandered for not being 'tolerant' enough, (whoops, sorry for not condoning your sin)inconsiderant, and biased. I go to dance.net frequently, and it is pretty bad there, as I imagine it is on many other sites. Who else knows what I'm talking about? (Hopefully many of you.)
  2. MissAbbyIFBaptist

    MissAbbyIFBaptist <img src=/3374.jpg>

    May 3, 2002
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    YIKES! Let's just say I no longer bother with secular sites anymore! I used to go to atheist chat rooms and wittness...some good results....some bad. A lot of the time they wanted to get me mad but that's not as hard to do anymore.
    One praticularly bad experiance was when one guy somehow got into my yahoo account for about a week. I made a new account and e-mailed yahoo untill they fixed the problem. He kept sending messages via instant messenger threatening me....and basicaly I was just MAD! LOL, he didn't know that though. I said one day that "Jesus died for you, and you can bother me all ya want but that fact will not change." or something to that effect.
    To make a long story short somehow Yahoo got my account back for me....now the stuff I had to delete from my account files....well perverted and sickening best desciribes it. He's never bothered me since...thank the Lord! :eek:
    So I think you can see I'm not looking to repeat that experiance. The BaptistBoard suits me just fine!
    ~Miss Abby
    Proverbs 31:30 [​IMG]
  3. UnashamedYouth

    UnashamedYouth New Member

    Sep 12, 2001
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    as long as I don't go near the GAY issue, and stay out of the political venue(of which I know nothing about, yet that never stops me from having an opinion ;) ) I find that I am tolerated. Certainly there are a few that don't agree and they'll say it... but it's a minute battle for the Kingdom of Christ.

    My biggest battles are fought not with non-Christians but those that are of a different denomination who don't particularly care for Baptists.

    Then again I got my head bit off a couple of times here at Baptist Board as I support a few Godly men who are seen as evil by some on this forum. So I guess I'm just not liked by a lot of people. [​IMG] LOL