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Teens what would you say to me if you were witnessing to me

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by Dallasdid, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Dallasdid

    Dallasdid New Member

    Jul 1, 2003
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    Lets do some role playing. Lets say I am a friend of yours and I dont know Christ. Write on how you would share Christ with me what things you would say to me being a lost person. Lets see how well you know to share your faith.

    Here is the deal im a 17 yr old teen. I have rich parents so I am happy because I am rich I have the schools most pop. girl friend. I have a great life. But what will you tell me about Christ ? [​IMG]
  2. Joseph_Botwinick

    Joseph_Botwinick <img src=/532.jpg>Banned

    Nov 12, 2000
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    I am not a teen, but let me give this a try:

    All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

    The wages of sin is death.

    The gift of God is salvation through Jesus Christ.

    Would you like to repent of your unbelief and give your life to Jesus?

    Joseph Botwinick
  3. Marcia

    Marcia Active Member

    May 12, 2004
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    I'm not a teen either, but since Joseph posted, I will, too. [​IMG]

    Approach 1: You may have money and a popular girlfriend, but have you thought about the fact that all this is temporary? Or that all of this could be changed in a second? Your parents could have a reversal of fortune, your girlfriend could dump you, you could get in a car accident and be maimed, what then? What would life mean to you without these things?

    Approach 2: Who do you think God is? Is the world just the result of random evolution? Are you just the result of random evolution of cells or is there a meaning and purporse to who you are?

    God says that he created you and knew about you before you were born. Jesus said that the number of hairs on your head is known. We have a personal God who made you and loves you. But we all have fallen short of God's goodness. He is absolutely good and we can never be, yet he cannot abide something that is not all good. So He sent Jesus who lived the perfect life and died for us, He covered that imperfection - the sin that we do. When we believe in Jesus and what he did on the cross, we are made right in God's eyes.

    Only then can you know why you are here and only when you trust Christ can you live the life God made you for, whatever that may be. It may not even be as comfortable as the life you have now, but you will have the security of faith in an unchanging God and merciful Christ that will never fail you, no matter how circumstances change. You can choose to either live as part of a changing, imperfect world or as part of a perfect God's plan for your life, living close to Christ day to day.
  4. MissAbbyIFBaptist

    MissAbbyIFBaptist <img src=/3374.jpg>

    May 3, 2002
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    If you died right now, were would you go? You've got two choices. Heaven, or hell. I ask this because you can't just give me a yes/no answer. You've got to think on it. If you said Heaven, I'd ask how you knew that. If you said "Hell" or "I don't know",or "I don't have to worry about it because I'm young." I would tell you this:
    For some reason young people seem to think they'll live for ever. We aren't promised that. And most people think because they are good, because they are rich, or because they are relegious they are going to Heaven. Not so. There is only one way to Heaven, and those aren't it.
    Because you're my friend, I have to tell you the truth. I want you to be in Heaven with me. I want you to have the blessed assurance that I have. I'm not extra special, or so deserving, I've just gotton saved. It's the simplest thing I've ever done, but definatly the best.
    See, a very long time ago, Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden. Because of this, everyone to live after them inherited their sinful nature. No matter how good, or upright, or moral you are, you are born a sinner. Sin is no respect of social standing, race, or gender. Everyone is a sinner. "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Romans 3:10.
    Because God is holy, He can't tolerate sin. Sin carries the penulty of death. "For the wages of sin is death..." Romans 6:23a. Just like when you were little and misbehaved, there was punishment. Only this punishment is ultimate. Eternity in a literal, burning hell and seperation from God.
    But God, in His mercy for some reason loved the world. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16. You see, God sent His perfect Son, Jesus, to be born of a virgin. He had to be, because He had to be born without sin. God required a spotless sacrifice, and Jesus was the propitiation, or satisfaction for our sin. Jesus took everyone's sin on Him when He died. Then He was placed in a tomb, but three days later He arose. What good would it be to have a dead Saviour? He lives!
    Now, God gave us the gift of salvation, but like any gift, it can be accepted or rejected. It's rejecting that gift, rejecting the blood Jesus shed for your sin that will send you to hell.
    I've shared with you the gospel. So first, realize you are a sinner. Then know there is punishment for sin. Know that God loved you enough to send His Son to take your place. Know that Jesus died there on Calvary, was buried and rose again. You must repent of your sins. Repentance means to have a change or mind that leads to a change of action. Make a consious decision to turn from your sin to God.
    So come to Him in prayer, confess you are a sinner, repent of your sin, and believe the gospel. If you believe that with your heart (because a head knowledge isn't enough.) then He will save you. "Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."
    Remember, this is the most important decision you'll have to make, and you don't have forever to make it. Just because your family is rich, and because you have a pretty, populur girlfriend dosn't mean you are ok. That is temperal. And even if it dosn't change, it's nothing in the eyes of eternity. Your girlfriend can't save you from hell, and you can't buy your way out. Ye must be born again.
    Because you're my friend, and because I care about you, I want you to know this. Please, don't wait untill it's too late!
    How'd I do brother?
    ~Miss Abby
    Proverbs 31:30 KJB
  5. jRich

    jRich New Member

    Aug 16, 2000
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    well, since I'm in the south where 'everybody's saved', I wouldn't ask them if they were saved, I would ask them if the Lord knew them. Many people know of the Lord, but how many of those does the Lord know..?

    Just a thought..