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Terror in Tahrir Square:

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Dennis324, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Dennis324

    Dennis324 Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    Saw this article today:

    A Dutch journalist was gang-raped by several men in Cairo’s Tahrir Square a few days ago, Egyptian media reported on Sunday.
    “A Dutch journalist in Tahrir was raped by men who dub themselves revolutionists. Her condition is severe and she is hospitalized,” reported Dina Zakaria, a journalist reporting for the Egypt 25 News.


    Apparently another journalist was raped a few days ago.

    I'm sorry to keep going on about this, but people in this part of the world, the Islamic fundamentalists, apparently see us as infidels...animals. Women have practically no standing there and I recall a western female journalists experiencing the same treatment a couple of years ago. They are going to be treated savagely and yet we are sending them weapons and money. I don't understand why we continue to do this.
  2. Revmitchell

    Revmitchell Well-Known Member
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    Feb 18, 2006
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    Obama should be ashamed of himself.