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Texas Baptist Books

Discussion in 'Books & Publications Forum' started by Erasmus, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Erasmus

    Erasmus New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    I would like to make my books available to anyone one this board for a discount. There are three Texas Baptist History books available: A Texas Baptist Power Struggle: The Hayden Controversy--retails for 40; 30 for members of this board, A Texas Baptist Sourcebook retails for 30; for members of this board 20, A Handbook of Texas Baptist Biography, retails for 18; for members of this board 11. Because I am only giving discounts to members of this board, I will only sell to those who contact me with a private message. Here are the descriptions of the books.

    A Texas Baptist History Sourcebook
    A Companion to McBeth’s Texas Baptists
    Joseph E. Early, Jr.
    Foreword by Harry Leon McBeth

    From the days of Z. N. Morrell and James Huckins to Bill Pinson
    and Charles Wade, Baptists have played and continue to play an
    important role in the religious, secular, and political life of Texas.
    Over the previous one hundred and fifty years several Texas Baptist
    histories have been written, but not until now have the documents
    used in the development of these texts been made available in one
    In A Texas Baptist History Sourcebook, Joseph E. Early, Jr.,
    has provided the most complete collection of Texas Baptist
    sources ever issued in one volume. This work consists of church
    minutes, state and association convention records, denominational
    newspaper articles, records of Baptist universities, and myriads
    of other resources. Included in this work are George Washington
    Truett's sermon "Baptists and Religious Liberty" delivered on the
    steps of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.; James Milton
    Carroll's Trail of Blood; J. Frank Norris's railings against the
    Baptist General Convention of Texas; and countless other sources
    depicting the many years of Texas Baptist history.
    This book is designed as a complementary work to Harry Leon
    McBeth's Texas Baptists: A Sesquicentennial History. Students
    can follow McBeth's chapter divisions, headings, and subheadings
    for greater ease in studying the documents. Whether used
    independently or as a companion to McBeth's work, A Texas
    Baptist History Sourcebook is a must for an in-depth study of
    Baptists in Texas.

    A Texas Baptist Power Struggle
    The Hayden Controversy
    Joseph E. Early, Jr.
    Foreword by John W. Storey

    This is the story of how one man, Samuel Augustus Hayden, almost
    destroyed the newly organized Baptist General Convention of Texas
    (BGCT) before it could take root. In the final decades of the nineteenth
    century, Hayden caused such unrest among Texas Baptists that after
    a failed attempt to take over the BGCT, he was expelled from the state
    body. In turn, he created a rival organization, the Baptist Missionary
    Association (BMA), which continued to fight perceived oppression by
    the BGCT.
    Hayden, through his newspaper, accused his enemies of
    embezzlement, heresy, arson, and strong-arm tactics. His high-profile
    opponents included George Washington Truett, Benajah Harvey
    Carroll, and James Britton Cranfill, who asserted through their
    newspapers that Hayden was insane, a liar, and a heretic. Baptists in
    Texas were forced to take sides in the struggle, which came to a
    dramatic conclusion on a train bound for the Southern Baptist
    Convention, when Cranfill and Hayden scuffled over a pistol.

    A Handbook of Texas Baptist Biography details the lives, contributions, achievements, and influence of two hundred and fifty men and women are prominent in Texas Baptist life. Within this text you will find details on Baptist pastors, missionaries, educators, and philanthropists. Each entry is followed by a detailed bibliography leading the reader to further relevant research. In order to acquire the information in this book, one would have to visit dozens of libraries, archives, and personal holdings. For more details and ordering information, contact [email protected].
    Click here to view a list of bibliography entries in the book: biographyentries.pdf