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The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn't Want You to Read

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by poncho, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. poncho

    poncho Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    Earlier this week, the New York Times’ Scott Shane published a bombshell piece about Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis, a 17-year Army veteran recently returned from a second tour in Afghanistan. According to the Times, the 48-year-old Davis had written an 84-page unclassified report, as well as a classified report, offering his assessment of the decade-long war. That assessment is essentially that the war has been a disaster and the military's top brass has not leveled with the American public about just how badly it’s been going. "How many more men must die in support of a mission that is not succeeding?" Davis boldly asks in an article summarizing his views in The Armed Forces Journal.

    Davis last month submitted the unclassified report –titled "Dereliction of Duty II: Senior Military Leader’s Loss of Integrity Wounds Afghan War Effort" – for an internal Army review. Such a report could then be released to the public. However, according to U.S. military officials familiar with the situation, the Pentagon is refusing to do so. Rolling Stone has now obtained a full copy of the 84-page unclassified version, which has been making the rounds within the U.S. government, including the White House. We've decided to publish it in full; it's well worth reading for yourself. It is, in my estimation, one of the most significant documents published by an active-duty officer in the past ten years.

    CONTINUE . . .

    I guess Viet Nam taught us to never admit defeat no matter how much it costs us or anyone else. You'd think as Americans we at least deserve some kind of honesty from our political leaders and military brass, even if it is looked on as being defeatist and "unpatriotic".
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  2. windcatcher

    windcatcher New Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    I've still got this pulled up.... reading it slowly... the full 84 page report.

    For the sake of those who have less time check out;
    pages 27, 28 ---journalist access to officials
    page 29 ---casualties
    page 31, 34

    This list is not complete as I've not finish reading it.

    Without considering that he has some classified documentation which is omitted in this report... There seems to be sufficient information contained therein for a serious challenge as to why are we over there and how is this beneficial... for us (or for the security of Israel.... since THAT seems to be a greater motivation within our Christian body for supporting the war).

    IMO, we've done more to destabilize the East increasing the threats to Israel, and at the same time to destroy our own economy, limit our home defense, decrease our own security while raising the intrusion of government and survellance into individual privacy, and distract our people from their duties of citizenship or family care .... than the terror of 9-11. And, imo, OUR FUTURE will be worse than any of us can imagine because we hastily took what was perceived to be a 'righteous vengence' into our own hands. Initially I supported our war.. for the same reasons I supported other people and things.... i.e. Bush is Christian (??? I cannot know.... since he is uncertain about one way, one hope, one faith). Israel needs us. (Doesn't the Scripture support that God will fight for her.) We are Israel's friend. (Are we....when we give more money and sell more arms to her enemies or their pass through associates?) Our presence there adds to Israel's security. (We've done little to destroy her enemies or win her any friends. The destruction of infrastructure within those dictatorial regimes has destroyed the security of their own control for their families, religious factions, and communities to live peaceably with each other.... and has inflamed the insecurity and anger those peoples determination to survive and get us out .....and to see this as a Christian/Israeli war in their own spin. ....And they are being schooled from their heretofore reasonably civilized and comforts of life through the hardships they've now endured... and are more closely acquainted with primitive survival skills.)

    BUT we've got a real problem......
    We cannot sustain this war...
    We cannot leave without increasing the instability there and the alliances between neighbors against both Israel and us...
    We cannot expect a change in their ideology by force...
    Our recent ventures there have increased the dangers and obstacles to missions of faith which might have ministered some change and promoted peace.
    AND we have recently moved from power those leaders in neighboring countries which kept their own populations in check and had enough control over their internal factions to be able to deal diplomatically with others with some semblance of assurance.

    9-11! How are we better by the path we chose to take?

    What are our next options? Where will those lead? For better or worse? The way which seemeth right... often leads..... What is the difficultly and the hardness we might endure... if we make the right choice... or is there a "right choice" which can be found?
  3. billwald

    billwald New Member

    Jun 28, 2000
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    When I was in grade school 60 years ago read a kiddy book about Afghanistan. The one thing I remember is a statement that they have never lost a war with foreigners. They beat the USSR and they will beat the USA.
  4. carpro

    carpro Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Oct 14, 2004
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    I learned a lot of things in Vietnam. That wasn't one of them.
  5. J.D.

    J.D. Active Member
    Site Supporter

    Feb 21, 2006
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    In a related matter, I just finished reading a biography of General Curtis Lemay (CSAF during Kennedy/Johnson - and the best AF Chief EVER). The only reason he agreed to be George Wallace's running mate is that he hated Johnson and Humphrie so much for their stream of lies to the American public and to the world about Vietnam. The whole affair was contrived, Johnson had no intention of actually winning, and yet he and McNamara lied to everyone about it including the cabinet and Joint Chiefs.