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The DIFFERENCE between ISIS and ISIL ....

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by righteousdude2, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2007
    Granted, this may have its flaws,, and I am the least of those to know what flaws there are in this article I came across! Still, it made an interesting read, and I wanted to pass it on! If there are errors in this authors (unknown) essay on the "difference between these two terms, I will not be offended to hear your feedback!

    There is a reason they carefully say ISIL and not ISIS

    The Sinister Difference between "ISIS" and "ISIL"--here is an explanation of the difference between the terms ISIS and ISIL.

    I have been suspicious of the term ISIL to which the administration stubbornly clings.

    ISIS = Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Iraq is to the east of Jordan (shaped like the hatchet) and Syria is to the north.

    ISIL = Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Iraq is still to the east of Jordan, and "the Levant" is a term that comes from "the rising (of the sun, i.e., to the east)" - and is basically the land along the Mediterranean - that includes Lebanon, Israel, and those countries along there.

    By saying ISIL, you "negate" Israel as its own country and lump it in with the rest of the countries along the Mediterranean - and Israel sort of disappears (loses its sovereignty) and becomes part of "the Levant" - which is therefore part of ISIL.

    If you've wondered, as I have, why all government agencies and especially BHO calls it ISIL and even spells it out every time it's used, instead of ISIS as the rest of the world here's the answer.

    Decoding Obama's speech reveals some startling revelations. In one press conference after another, when referring to the Muslim terror super-group ISIS, United States President Barack Obama will use the term ISIL, instead of their former name ISIS, or current name Islamic State.

    Have you ever wondered about that? Here is the difference:

    What makes up the near exact center of the Muslim Levant? Israel.

    ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

    Now, to us Westerners we don't really make much of a distinction, do we?

    No, honestly from our perspective it's all about the same. But how would a Muslim living in the Middle East view it?

    Just what is the Levant anyway? Let's take a look. The geographical term LEVANT refers to a multi-nation region in the Middle East. It's a land bridge between Turkey to the north and Egypt to the south. If you look on a map, however, in the near exact middle of the nations that comprises the Levant, guess what you see? Come on, guess! It's Israel.

    When Barack Obama refers over and over to the Islamic State as ISIL, he is sending a message to Muslims all over the Middle East, that he personally does not recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, but as territory belonging to the Islamic State. Now you know why Obama says that he has no plan, no goal, and no stated aim for dealing with ISIS. But he does have a plan, and it's a really nasty,diabolical one. Obama's plan is to drag his feet for as long as he can, doing only the bare minimum that Congress forces him to do. His plan to buy ISIL as much time as possible to make as many gains as they can.

    Listen as Obama and his press secretary and the spokesperson for the State Department and his Joint Chiefs of Staff painstakingly spells out the letters I-S-I-L so there is no doubt in your mind. And it's working.

    The Islamic State has garnered millions of dollars, a vast cache of weapons, and in their latest foray have captured Syrian fighter jets and now 12 commercial passenger planes. With each passing day that Obama fulfills his stated aim of doing nothing, the Islamic State grows by leaps and bounds. The ultimate goal, of course, has not changed and will never change.

    The ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel.

    Now you know a little bit more about why Obama chooses his words so carefully.
  2. Revmitchell

    Revmitchell Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2006
    The appropriate name for them is Daesh. They love it when people call them that.:cool:
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  3. Rippon

    Rippon Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2005
    I was just going to say the same thing. You beat me to it.
  4. NaasPreacher (C4K)

    NaasPreacher (C4K) Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2003
    When I saw the title I wanted to say the same thing, shoulda known I'd be too late :)
  5. Rolfe

    Rolfe Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2014
  6. rsr

    rsr <b> 7,000 posts club</b>

    Dec 11, 2001
    Amazing how much information can be stuffed into one post. ISIS and ISIL are exactly the same thing, the difference being how you translate al-Sham. In the first case, it's Syria. In the second case it's Levant, which is probably closer to the mark, because the thugs don't just claim modern Syria, but Syria as it existed in pre-colonial times, which included Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. (Not a new thing: If you'll recall, Judea was part of the province of Syria during Jesus' childhood.)

    So the murderers are claiming all the region, not just part of it. Seems like we ought to recognize that because it makes their aims even more sinister.

    Daesh (D.A.E.S.H.) is simply a transliteration of the letters in what is translated ISIS or ISIL. Some believe that using the transliteration avoids calling equating the thugs with state. That doesn't make much sense to outsiders, but Arabic speakers believe it's insulting and like to use it.

    Now, those who are familiar with Arabic (and that's no one here) say that Daesh sounds funny in Arabic because Arabs don't use acronyms frequently, and replacing the hooligans' preferred (and very long) preferred name results in a made-up word that is open to ridicule. It's also one letter off from an Arabic word that means something that crushes or tramples; supposedly, the murderers don't like that, though I'm not sure why folks who behead, maim and atomize their victims would be squeamish about trampling. But maybe so; many Arabic speakers insist that it's insulting and push for it.

    So I'm fine with Daesh, if that's what its enemies like to call it. In English, I don't know that it's any better than ISIS or ISIL. A cow pie by any other name would smell ...

    Besides, both Kerry and Obama referred to it as Daesh after Paris. So what's the big deal?
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