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The Free Will Prayer

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by whetstone, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. whetstone

    whetstone <img src =/11288.jpg>

    Mar 22, 2005
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    Compliments of pre-evangelism.com

    Thy kingdom come thy will be done excluding spirit birth,
    For though thou hold the cosmos and beset the path of earth,
    I am the captain of my fate and heft about my girth,
    I have my own free will to chose and therein lies my worth.

    So please be wary “sovreign God” for I may choose you not,
    I may reject the sovreign blood that cleanseth every spot,
    Despite the woo, the call, the plan it all may come to naught,
    My will may frustrate all of these with my rejecting thought.


    How can you say I am inable of my sovreign will,
    To come to God and seek His blood and then to love him still?
    I have the power in myself to hate, and maim, and kill,
    But I have seen it fit enough to let God pay my bill.


    How can you say that God chose me conditionless and free,
    I can’t believe his foreknowledge wouldn’t look ahead to see,
    That of my own strength I would choose to let the Lord save me.
    I did it of my own accord and that’s why He chose me.


    And now you say He had a count of saints that He would save,
    That saved by grace were limited to whom the Father gave?
    Could God’s plan be so definite and fine-tuned to behave?
    This horrid doctrine won’t prevail- I’ll see it to the grave.


    Oh yes, and now you tell me how the grace can’t be turned down,
    What foolishness is uttered now of course I am my own!
    Although God set me up to chose desiring me to own,
    I held the keys to saving me, I sealed my fate alone.


    And finally you say to me the saints will perservere,
    I put my fingers in my ears- say hmm? I cannot hear.
    Although I may agree to this you will not be my peer,
    These “Calvinistic” doctrines are the very thing I fear.