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The Great Tribulation

Discussion in 'Free-For-All Archives' started by Ray Berrian, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Ray Berrian

    Ray Berrian New Member

    Jan 11, 2002
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    Matthew chapter twenty four does not have an American, Asian or even a European ring to it until we get to 22-36. Previous to 22-36 the Word has a Judeo appeal to it. Yes, thirty-seven years after Jesus death Jerusalem fell, their Temple was ground into powder, and her people were killed or scattered.

    The disciples quietly asked Jesus, 'What will be the sign of Thy coming, and of the end of the world?' In verse eight He says these are merely the beginning of sorrows before the Great Tribulation unfolds. [vs.21] Notice it is not the Western nations, or Asian nations or European nations that are fleeing to the mountains only the Israelites.

    Careless students of the Word lump the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God and the Gospel of the Kingdom in one grouping. Here the term 'the Gospel of the Kingdom' is used. It is during the Great Tribulation that the 144,000 witness of Israelite stock [Revelation 7:3-8]who will preach that the Second Coming of Christ is coming soon and that the Jews and Gentiles need to repent of sins and turn to the Lord in preparation for His coming. Revelation 19:11 and Zechariah 14 unfold this future, unprecidented and very spectacular event.

    The two witnesses/the two candlesticks will be Elijah and Enoch who will miraculously return from Heaven to preach to the people of Israel from Jerusalem. [vs. 8c] After the message of God has been preached to the people, they will be killed. But, the grave will not be their last resting place. The Lord God will cause them to ascend into Heaven at His command. Accompanying this event God will shake the earth with an earthquake and 7,000 people will be killed with the remnant of, for the most part Jews, turning to the Lord in a faith trust relationship to Him.

    After the Great Tribulation, the sun will be concealed along with the light of the moon and Jesus will appear at His glorious Second Coming. [vs.29-31]

    In conclusion, the message of the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' is indeed found in both words. The Gospel of salvation will be preached and the assurance of the renewed Kingdom will lighten the eyes of the Israelites along with all people of the world including Westerners, Easterners, European, Asian and people in all the isles of the sea. The unified message will be personal salvation, the warning of the Second Coming and the promised Millennial Kingdom will follow directly on the heels of His appearing. 'The restored Kingdom of Israel' will then be His fulfilled promise to all of His people, Jews and Gentiles alike. [Acts 1:6 & Romans 11:23b, 24c,d,e & 26] God, in that day, will take away the sins of His people Israel. [vs.27]

    Dr. Berrian