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The Last Supper

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by HAMel, Oct 20, 2014.

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    Nov 15, 2009
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    Anyone ever heard of this before?

    I listened last night to a recent commentary regarding Leonardo da Vinci and his painting of the Last Supper.

    Specifically, da Vinci relied upon real people as models for his painting of the Last Supper. One at a time. He started out seeking one who most appeared in his mind to represent Jesus. After much consideration he finally settled on the perfect model to represent our Savior sitting at the table.

    Upon completion of that segment of his painting he then would begin seeking one who would best represent the next Apostle and he continued this routing until all were in place.

    Accordingly, this painting of the Last Supper was not completed in a matter of days but rather, it took several months of finding the right model for each Apostle. One at a time da Vinci would paint another figure into the work.

    The last figure he painted was that of Judas.

    After many months of seeking a model that best described Judas, he found none. It came to him that since Judas was traitor to Jesus he would seek special permission to canvas the prisons/dungeons for his perfect model.

    He finally found who he was looking for.

    With special permission guards would deliver this man to da Vinci each day to serve as his model for Judas. One of the provisions mandated that said prisoner was forbidden to speak while out of the dungeon and was chained to a guard on each side.

    On the last sitting, when da Vinci had finished his work, the prisoner finally mustered the courage to verbally exchange with da Vinci and cried out..., “Master, don't you recognize me?” da Vinci stepped closer and after a second or two gasped..., “Oh no...” at which time the guards lead him away.

    This prisoner who modeled for the likeness of Judas was the one who modeled for the likeness of Jesus. Sin, had landed him in prison.

    Scan the painting and look for a resemblance of the two figures.