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The little industrial city of Refrigerator...

Discussion in 'Jokes & Humor (Clean)' started by convicted1, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. convicted1

    convicted1 Guest

    Jan 31, 2007
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    There was once a city called Refrigerator. It was the county seat of Maytag county. The mayor of that city was Mayor Nays, and his right hand man was the city foreman, Mr. Baker. Mr. Baker was a very hard working man because he had a dozen sons. Oddly though, once they had a census of the city and found out Mr. Baker actually had 13 sons, and for whatever reason, the citizens of Refrigerator called them "Mr. Baker's Dozen".

    "Mr. Baker's dozen" were in a feud with the Egg family. Apparently one of the Baker boys was secretly courting one of Mr. Egg's daughters, Easter, and Mr. Egg was so hot under the collar, he boiled over with fury. Now, Mr. Baker was a "man's man", who was well respected in the community, but when he heard the rumor that Mr. Egg was hunting for his son, Brew, well, he had to step into the fray. They ended up in a fight, and Mr. Baker cracked Mr. Egg over the head with a wooden spoon. Needless to say, that ended the feud. BTW, Mr. Egg's first name was Benedict.

    Then there was Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury. They were the richest family in the city. They had a booming business selling flowers. They were rather portly people who had trouble staying outside when the therometer raised. But over time, they became ill, and both died from yeast infections. They left their fortune to the city, and they, in turn, turned their flower business into a pulp wood mill.

    The city of Refrigerator ended up being swallowed up by the major highway that came through. They were forced to sell their properties and each had to go their seperate ways. Oscar Meyer had to sell his meat company and move to Deepfreeze, Idaho and go into the frozen beef patty industry. Bay Conn had to sell his pig farm and go to Soo-eee, Japan and go into tending to bonzai trees.

    Then there was a Londoner who had lived there for many years, Sir Loin was his name. He had to sell his land and move back to London. Last anyone heard from him, he was taking care of sheep.

    Then Chuck Ribb had to sell out and move to Oklahoma and tending to cattle. It was really quite sad.

    But the last one I heard of leaving this city of Refrigerator was a very odd fellow. He had been seen in Kansas City, KS not very long after he sold out and left. He was seen shaking hands with another odd looking fellow. Apparently there had been an exchange of books, from what I was told. He had been spotted letting a very effiminate looking fellow out of his vehicle as he was witnessing to him. This guy, the one from Refrigerator, was a lost fellow of sorts. His name was Shaw Shank, and he was looking for some redemption.
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  2. thisnumbersdisconnected

    Apr 11, 2013
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    Even well-disguised in a very funny story, I resent being identified as having set foot in Kansas City, Kansas. I wouldn't go there even at gunpoint. Though of course, to set foot there, you have to have a gun to point.


    Then again, it's better than being accused of being in Wichita. KCK is the armpit of Kansas. Everyone has a much lower opinion of Wichita. :laugh: