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The meaning of God's name in Hebrew

Discussion in 'Free-For-All Archives' started by JohnJoeMittler, May 5, 2003.

  1. Take the Hebrew verb "howeh": the meaning is "to be, to exist".

    Take the causative conjugation (hif'il): the meaning is "to cause existence".

    Take the imperfected tense (activity that has not yet ended), singular 3. masculine: the meaning is "He Causes Existence".

    ... and how do you write that verb form in Hebrew? Yahweh. "Make His name known among the nations"...


    Strong's excellent dictionary points out that YHWH must be a form of the verb howeh ("to exist"), but Strong cannot give any precise grammatical meaning for the word -- because in his time the KJV-style form "Jehovah" was generally considered the correct way of vowelizing the word. "Jehovah" is grammatically impossible nonsense, so Strong was unable to say more than what the basic verb behind the word is.

    That "Yahweh" is the correct way of writing the word YHWH is common knowledge, accepted by all the more serious scholars whose research methods are scientific (unlike the research methods of those who say that God's name must be "Jehovah" because the "infallible" KJV version writes so).

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