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The Message In Psalms: Not So Dynamic

Discussion in 'Bible Versions & Translations' started by Rippon, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Rippon

    Rippon Well-Known Member
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    Dec 12, 2005
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    Yes, here I will itemize some examples from the Psalter in which The Message moves over somewhat to the left of the ledger ( in this sense the word "left" means more formally-equivalent ).Now don't get the impression that the following will match-up with the NASBU ! However these examples do match-up with the NLTse.

    12:6 : God's words are pure words,
    Pure silver words refined seven times
    In the fires of his word-kiln

    16:1 : Keep me safe, O God,
    I've run for dear life to you.

    17:12 : Lions ready to rip me apart,
    young lions poised to pounce.

    22:10 : When I left the womb you cradled me;
    since the moment of birth you've been my God.

    22:14b : My heart is a blob
    of melted wax in my gut.

    23:2a : You have bedded me down in lush meadows

    32:9 : Don't be onery like a horse or mule
    that needs bit and bridle
    to stay on track.

    34:4b : he freed me from all my anxious fears.

    35:25a : Don't let them say to themselves,
    "Ha-ha,we've got what we wanted."

    36:4a : Every time he goes to bed ,
    he fathers another evil plot.

    44:11a : You delivered us as sheep to the butcher

    44:12 : You sold your people at a discount --
    you made nothing on the sale.
  2. Rippon

    Rippon Well-Known Member
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    Dec 12, 2005
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    50:12 : If I get hungry, do you think I'd tell you ? All creation and its bounty are mine.

    52:3a : You love evil more than good

    56:8c : Each tear entered in your ledger

    56:11b : what can mere mortals do to me ?

    57:5b : Cover the whole earth with your glory !

    57:11b : Cover the whole earth with your glory !

    59:1a : My God! Rescue me from my enemies

    66:16b : let me tell you what God did for me.

    68:5 : Father of orphans,
    champion of widows,
    is God in his holy house.

    68:27a : Look -- little Benjamin's out
    front and leading

    68:32b : Sing praises to the Lord !

    69:6a : Don't let those who look to you in hope
    Be discouraged by what happens to me

    71:11 : The gossip is:"God has abandoned him.
    Pounce on him now; no one will help him."

    74:8 : They said to themselves,"We'll wipe them all out,"
    and burned down all the places of worship.

    76:7b : Who can stand up to your rising anger ?

    77:13 : Of God! Your way is holy!
    No God is great like God!
  3. Rippon

    Rippon Well-Known Member
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    Dec 12, 2005
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    Psalm 78

    4b: we're passing it along to the next generation

    5d : to teach it to their children

    6a&b : So the next generation would know ,
    and all the generations to come --

    11: They forgot what he had done--
    marvels he'd done right before their eyes.

    13: He split the Sea and they walked right through it;
    he piled the waters to the right and the left.

    14 : He led them by day with a cloud,
    led them all the night long with a fiery torch.

    16 : He made creeks flow out from sheer rock,
    and water poured out like a river.

    17 : All they did was sin even more ,
    rebel in the desert against the High God.

    21 : When Yahweh heard that , he was furious --
    his anger flared against Jacob,
    he lost his temper with Israel.

    24 : He rained down showers of manna to eat,
    he gave them the Bread of Heaven.

    28 : He aimed them right for the center of their camp ;
    all around their tents there were birds.

    29 : They ate and had their fill;
    he handed them everything they craved on a platter.

    31c : he laid low Israel's finest young men.

    32: And -- can you believe it? -- they kept right on sinning;
    all those wonders and they still wouldn't believe!

    35 : They gave witness that God was their rock,
    that High God was their redeemer

    38b : Over and over he reined in his anger,
    restrained his considerable wrath.

    44: He turned the River and its streams to blood--
    not a drop of water fit to drink.

    46a : He turned their harvest over to caterpillars

    52 : Then he led his people out like sheep ,
    took his flock safely through the wilderness.
    53a : He took good care of them; they had nothing to fear.

    64a : Their priests were massacred

    68 : And chose the Tribe of Judah instead,
    Mount Zion , which he loves so much.

    69b : solid and lasting as the earth itself.

    71 : One day he was caring for the ewes and their lambs,
    the next day God had him shepherding Jacob,
    his people Israel, his prize possession.