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The Passing of the Croc Hunter

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by AVBunyan, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. AVBunyan

    AVBunyan New Member

    Aug 20, 2004
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    An article on a news page talked of the fact that the death of Steve Irwin has captivated the news for days vs. the death of other famous personalities, which the tributes last a day or so and then they’re out of the publics mind. This was very interesting to me because it is true. But why is this true. I think I know why.

    Take the average Hollywood star today – one dies and they some headlines, some thoughts and tributes from friends and “admirers” and then they pass off the scene. The Croc Hunter was different – folks all over the place were broken up and tributes hung around for days. Now why the difference? Let’s take the “average or most popular” Hollywood star first (I know there are exceptions) –

    1. Look at their lives – scandalous, divorces, drunkenness, immoral, they just look unhappy, dysfunctional families (if they have any), and on and on.

    2. Look at their work – Oftentimes they portray characters described in #1 above. How can they be proud of this or feel good about this?

    What value do they provide for the public other than suspect entertainment that has very little positive effect, if any? When they are interviewed do they look happy or contented? Can they look you in the eye without guilt? How can they look the interviewer’s camera in the eye after portraying the characters they portrayed or lived like they lived? Even they must have some conscience and they can’t look the camera in the eye and say, “I feel clean and great for the movies I play in and the life I lead!” I think many or even most are miserable and guilt ridden but will never admit.

    Now take the Croc Hunter – Steve appeared to be happily married with 2 children and a wife he adored. Steve loved what he did and it showed. Steve was providing good, clean, positive fun while educating all ages about God’s creation. Steve was admired and loved by all ages and all kinds of folks. Steve could look the interviewer’s camera in the eye with a clear conscience. Steve left a positive mark on history. Steve was just an ordinary bloke like us and appeared to be a humble man. Steve was probably not perfect like us but the above are some of the reasons millions loved him and his work. Many would love to enjoy what they do like Steve enjoyed his job. I firmly believe many could not say the same about the average Hollywood personality. I believe the average “bloke” likes a Steve over the “Hollywood celebrity” or even professional athlete, hence the “shelf life” of the coverage, tributes and stories in the media after his death.

    I believe the average Hollywood “celebrity” would like to have had Steve’s positive life over his or her own. How can these “celebrities” feel good about what they do? Steve felt great about what he did and it showed! The “celebrities” have to feel miserable about what they do and it shows!

    Now, sadly, the only time I’ve ever shed a tear over the death of folks was over close relatives and a young man who recently died of cancer or different tragedies (especially involving children) but when I heard about the Croc Hunter I was devastated and wept and was surprised at why I so easily did but the above are the reasons I did. I’ve never wept for a “celebrity” though some I have respected.

    The thing that hurts the most about Steve’s death is that while he lived it appeared that he was not a saved man – morale, faithful, “good” but most likely not saved. My how this hurts!!!

    My family and I will miss Steve – millions will miss Steve – a great loss.

    Folks, make your calling and election sure.

    God bless
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