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The Pokemon GO Craze

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by InTheLight, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. InTheLight

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    Dec 17, 2010
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    Was passing by my front window this afternoon and noticed a car pulled up across the street. Three young men climb out and are holding their phones out walking in random directions. After about 10 seconds they all turned and started walking the same direction, phones being held out in front of their faces. They converged in the street off the front of my house. (See photo. Sorry about the quality but it's a screen grab from a video that I had zoomed in.)

    I figured they were playing the new mobile app game "Pokemon GO". Seconds later an SUV comes barreling around the corner and almost hits the guys in the street. It stops and the driver starts talking to the guys in the street. Then another vehicle comes up behind the SUV. The driver of the SUV is oblivious to the car behind him, continues talking to the guys. The driver in the car starts honking, so the SUV pulls over and parks and the driver gets out, phone held up in front of him.

    THIS IS INSANE!! I called my 15 year old down to look and we were both cracking up out loud.


    Here's a satirical look at the craze:

    CLEVELAND, OH—According to sources within Second Baptist Church of Cleveland, Teaching Pastor John Walton abandoned his key sermon point and wandered away from the pulpit in order to catch a Pokémon for his Pokémon GO collection Sunday morning.

    Walton had reportedly begun a passionate plea for his congregation to focus on Christ, preaching that “knowing Jesus is everything—all else is just details.” But as he began to expound on his point, carefully exegeting the third chapter of Philippians, he suddenly trailed off and muttered that he had to “take care of something real quick” before walking briskly out the side door while staring at his phone, leaving the congregation stunned and confused.