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The proper concept of freedom

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by Gina B, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Gina B

    Gina B Active Member

    Dec 30, 2000
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    This is NOT to start a debate over alcohol or other vices, though it is what got me started on thinking about the freedom we claim from the law.

    It seems that on many issues, this freedom can be abused and is abused sometimes, with the word "freedom" thrown out to make excuses for questionable choices.

    What do you think of when you think of the freedom we are given?

    My personal concept of it is not that we are free to do as we please in everything, even if it may be wrong for others or cause them to stumble, but that living according to a Christian lifestyle frees us from the burden of sin and also from the laws that were part of the Christian life prior to the resurrection.

    For example, some would say we are free to view television shows and movies that contain vile language and references to raunchy things - not in the context of history, but for sheer entertainment. Many would say "we're free to do this and if it's in the privacy of our home, we aren't causing someone else to stumble." So sometimes we make that excuse and do so, but in reality, it is binding. That stuff we watched because we were free to do so ends up affecting where our thoughts go and makes it easier for us to be tempted by the ideas we see or perhaps by the violence we may witness in the name of entertainment. (I still don't get how violent movies are entertaining, there's enough in this world!) I do love comedy though, but there are plenty of shows and movies out there that I should know better than to bother with.

    So I don't feel free after watching stuff like that. I feel less free by having to be careful not to let that stuff get in my mind and then feeling dumb that I put myself in the situation where I had to be careful about not letting it get to me. That is much harder than choosing to watch something with Christian morals and that didn't glorify sin.

    It also frees from the prior laws. While we do recognize the Jewish holy days and keep some of the traditions, we do not feel bad if we don't follow them exactly. We travel on Shabbat without feeling guilt, we don't feel guilty not keeping kosher all the time. What is important to us is that we remember what USED TO BE THE LAW, recognize the significance each one held then, how the law was fulfilled, and what it means to us as believers.

    What is your concept of freedom?

    What freedoms do you enjoy under grace?

    What excuses do you most often make and use grace as a pass for when you should not? If you're uncomfortable saying what you do wrong, just say "a friend of mine ____." :smilewinkgrin: