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The Seventh Day is the Cross of Christ

Discussion in 'Free-For-All Archives' started by Seth3, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Seth3

    Seth3 New Member

    Sep 14, 2004
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    The Cross= The True Beginning.

    God declares “The End”” from “The Beginning” The True Beginning is none other then the Cross of Jesus Christ. The pages of Genesis speak of Him. He’s a God that calls things that ARE NOT as though they are. The pages of yesterday reflected a forethought in God and that was Christ Himself.

    If God ceased from working on the Seventh Day why then did Jesus need to work with His Father? This leaves a question. What was the finished work of God? It was the Cross of Christ. What happened at the cross? Christ died for the sins of the world. Why did David's son die and why was the day of his death the Seventh day also? Is there a connection? Yes there is, in Christ. Jesus said the scriptures testify of Him then what am I looking at if I’m not seeing Him? He’s hidden in Gods foreknowledge.

    Ever wonder why God creates man on the sixth day yet forms him after the seventh then creates them in Chapter five? He's a Great concealer! He recounts things over again changing the words and pictures but they speak of the same-His Son.

    The plan of salvation was a Day the Lord had made that we would rejoice and be glad in it (David is a picture of this) His Son died on the Seventh Day and celebrated. The Seventh Day God rested. If He was done what was He doing His work with Christ for UNLESS it was a future reflection of the work yet to do in Christ? So perhaps Christ who said “It is Finished” and yielded up His Spirit was making a DAY for us (Called the Sabbath) a day made for man a day to enter ones rest as God did His and was finished on the Cross itself.

    Look right after the Seventh day (in Gen) it says the "Mist went up" now return to the first day of the week. The Mist is the Spirit of God over the waters ( peoples Rev)

    Evening is first morning follows, the first day.

    Look at Mat 28:1 Mary came to the tomb AFTER the Sabbath ENDED (Seventh Day) and it was at Dawn of the first day. Remember Evening FIRST the MORNING which is FIRST DAY.

    John 20:19 says, "Same day at Evening" being the first day of the week He BREATHED ON THEM and they received the Holy Spirit, so it keeps showing this day "the First" as indicating what I thought concerning the First day of the week and how we can see it pointing to Christ.

    That’s why it says the Earth is seen as it became void, or formless or desolate (pick your favorite) The Light of the World as One man clothed in a cloud of flesh, needed to die as the first one who would produce and multiply the many. He went away that the Light in Him could be poured out on all flesh shown as the ground (in Gen.) shown right after the Seventh day. The Spirit being yielded up at the Cross is as the very MIST that went UP after the Seventh day was “Finished”. This is the Rain God is speaking of. From the Seventh toward the “evening” of the first day When Jesus was on the Cross (the Light was leaving the world) and the earth became dark at that time- very darkness you see in Genesis’ Beginning is a reflection of the True Beginning –Who is-CHRIST the same exact darkness at the Cross of Christ. The darkness is over the surface of the deep and now the Spirit (Light) of God is moving over the waters (PEOPLE=Rev).

    Look how the Seventh Day is seen relating to Christ and Gods finished work, God resting on that day is the day all things were fulfilled in Christ.. The picture of the "MIST that WENT UP" after the completed work (of the Seventh day) is showing the very Spirit Christ is yielding up into Gods hands at the Cross itself (seen and hidden in Gods foreknowledge) After the Seventh Day Your back to the First Day(seen as a week or the eighth-doesn’t matter at all which one either) Now looking at the Cross (still in genesis) after Christ yields UP His Spirit (mist that went UP) on the first day seen now as MOVING OVER THE WATERS (which are Peoples in REV) and What Christ in the Gospels is seen doing is in accordance with God who is now saying "LET THERE BE LIGHT" its at this point Jesus BREATHED ON THEM and they received the Holy Spirit (The light of men)"Let there be Light" is now as..."THERE WAS LIGHT" ( in their hearts) and God sent His Spirit into our hearts. The Light now is within the Waters (Which are peoples).

    Its not about seeing what days to worship on (for let no man judge you in regards to holy days or Sabbaths which were concerning things to come) its showing a picture of the night passing as Peter says and the light dawning in us an Eternal day. The True Light (Christ) into the darkness (into our hearts) and THE DAY DAWNS IN US. Christ In us our Hope of Glory. God becoming our Everlasting Light. There is always Evening THEN morning (the receiving of the day and entering into Gods Rest) that’s why its seen as the Seventh and the First but these are Spiritual truths.

    Here’s a few examples of this

    In Ezek 3:6 It says at the END of the SEVENS DAYS the WORD (LIGHT) of THE LORD CAME TO ME.

    John 20:19 says, SAME DAY at EVENING being the FIRST DAY of the week He BREATHED ON THEM and they received the Holy Spirit, so it keeps showing this day "the First" as indicating what I thought concerning the First day of the week and how it speaks of Christ

    Look at Mat 28:1 Mary came to the tomb AFTER the Sabbath ENDED (Seventh Day) and it was at DAWN of the FIRST DAY. Remember EVENING FIRST THEN MORNING which is FIRST DAY.

    The sins of the forefathers are passed down to their children.

    Children shall not be put to death for the sins of their parents

    There’s the Child born to David that died on the Seventh Day because David sinned (though God took that away). The Child still died.

    Is God contradicting Himself here? Not in Christ He’s not

    God is showing patterns and things that are summed up In Christ. The Childs death is recorded as being on the Seventh day. This is pointing toward Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the whole world. God hides Christ in His foreknowledge and drops little hints and using pictures in various ways to show Him. One is The Seventh day (in the True Spirit of what God was doing in Christ. Here’s a picture of a Child dying. And in Genesis God is resting from His work and Jesus declaring it Finished.

    That is why David is jumping for Joy after His child did die this is not a true picture of how a father reacts when His son dies. These are the things that challenge us in scripture causing us to bend our ear toward the word a bit more that the more we do the more is measured to us in hearing Him.

    The Expanse or Firmament (the brightness thereof) separates WATER (People) from WATER (people) The Waters from ABOVE (born of God) and the Waters from BELOW (ye are from below) See? The Cross is as the firmament.

    The days of the Spiritual Creation. The psalmist says when He sends His Spirit THEY ARE CREATED. He did that on the Cross itself. Chapter five of Genesis is a fore reflection of Jesus. As was the name that the people called upon for no other had ever been given Paul said save the Name of Jesus Christ. Even the name in Genesis preceeded the blood of Abel (who typed our Lord on the Cross). Through Him the nations would be blessed.

    God Bless

  2. Seth3

    Seth3 New Member

    Sep 14, 2004
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    The Seventh Day Paul says in reference to the True Sabbath of God is the Day the Lord had made in Christ (Who finished Gods work) The Seventh day is as a Fore reflection of the Day God had made and is the finished work of Jesus Christ. Paul goes on to say that although the work has been finished and God had rested we also who believe enter that rest (that spiritual day) in our souls. But some did not enter in and fell short of it. It is not a matter of days months or years but of finding rest for our souls.

    Now under the law there was a curse and one of the curses is that they find no rest day or night. and none assurance for their life.

    Christ came that if we desired to come out from under the law (which made nothing perfect) that in Him we would find that rest for our souls and assurance of salvation through our faith in His finished work and find rest for our souls. God is Good. We can rejoice and be glad in this day.

    Come unto me all who labour and you will find rest for your souls.

    The contrast to faith in Christ is the Law of Moses as mentioned in acts that is a YOKE that neither us nor our forefathers could bear. But in Christ we take His yoke upon us and learn of Him. His yoke is light.

    The Sabbath was made for man (to enter His rest) not man for the Sabbath.

    God bless