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The Surprise Gift

Discussion in 'Jokes & Humor (Clean)' started by tyndale1946, Nov 17, 2023.

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    Aug 30, 2001
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    A teacher of first grade noticed when she sat down at her desk, that on three kids desk were wrapped up gifts... So she asked and who are the gifts for?... The class in unison said there for you!... A little boy named Billy was the first to come up and she moved to a chair in the front to receive it... Knowing Billy's parents were florists, she figured as she unwrapped the box, they were flowers, and she was right... A small arrangement of roses... She thanked Billy, then Billy went back to his desk.

    The second one to approach was a little girl named Susie... She knew that Susie's parents were in the candy business, so she figured as she unwrapped the box they were sweets and she was right again... It was a box of chocolates... She thanked Susie, then Susie went back to her desk.

    The last one to come was Willy... She knew that Willy's daddy owned a liquor store and figured it was liquid and as Willy handed her the box it was leaking... So she put her finger on the leak, tasted it and said to Willy... Its wine!... Willy said no teacher... So she tasted it again and said its champagne!... And again Willy said no teacher... So she quickly open the box and a little head pop out... And Willy yelled at the top of his voice... ITS A PUPPY!... Brother Glen:Roflmao
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