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The Week That Was In World War III

Discussion in '2006 Archive' started by carpro, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. carpro

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    Oct 14, 2004
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    The Week That Was In World War III
    Posted 7/21/2006

    Global War On Terrorism: The epicenter may be Israel, but this isn't Israel's war. Islamist violence and menace are going full blast around the world, showing radical Islam's sustained aim at civilization itself.

    Many Islamofascist activities get lost in the welter of 24/7 news. But when viewed together in one place, the threats, intercepted attacks, real attacks, diplomatic maneuvers or inaction all confirm radical Islam's unity of intent.

    Here, in no particular order and excluding the war in Lebanon, is a sampling from the densely packed events of last week:

    Iran: A U.S. official told Congress that Iranians may have paid for and observed North Korea's seven long-range and medium-range missile test launches directed at the U.S. on July 4 and 5.

    U.S.: The Homeland Security Department is investigating a pipe bomb found in Lake Pontchartrain, La. Officials fear it could be part of a practice run for a future attack that could shut down all commerce on a critical U.S. waterway.

    Meanwhile, two students in Georgia with terror contacts in Canada were indicted for allegedly plotting jihad after preparing for it through paramilitary training in north Georgia.

    Separately, customs officials said religious visas were being abused by radical clerics from Syria, Algeria, Pakistan and Egypt.

    In addition, experts said an analysis of the suicide plot that was revealed on July 7 to blow up the PATH trains of lower Manhattan and flood the financial district had a good chance of success.

    Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez, an Iran ally, moved to build diplomatic support for his bid for a United Nations Security Council seat, claiming he won pledges of votes from the Arab League and some African states. Chavez condemned Israel's self-defense efforts and explicitly vowed to thwart the U.S. if he won the U.N. seat.

    Canada: The Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations urged Muslims not to apologize for the activities of terrorists or cooperate with security in terrorist investigations.
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    Tried to merge my threads into yours, so this got messed up - sorry carpro.


    :laugh: Little do they realize that Israel could have wiped them all off the map years ago, had Israel not shown restraint. How stupid they are.




    Isn't it interesting that the rallies all pop up at about the same time?