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This I Have Seen

Discussion in 'Creation vs. Evolution' started by Administrator2, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. Administrator2

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    Jun 30, 2000
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    [Administrator: This post by Helen is being left in because of the number of people who responded with appreciation. There were four pages of posts after it, most dealing with snide comments from evolutionists and attempts by various others to respond to them. Therefore, it seemed best to leave Helen’s post as it was originally with a few of the beginning comments left in afterwards.]


    I have seen the mountains crumble, losing pieces of themselves in rock slides and falling boulders.
    Yet evolution says they have risen faster than they have crumbled. I have not seen them rise.

    I have seen deformed babies because of birth defects caused by mutations, and I have cried.
    Yet evolution says that mutations have increased the diversity and complexity of life, adding rich variations to the world around us.

    I have seen sunsets and sunrises in colors so glorious I have had no choice but to stand and look in awe.
    Yet evolution says that we are cousins to the apes, who never notice things like that.

    I have seen men slaughter each other, beat each other, hate each other.
    Yet evolution says that we became social creatures with laws as a matter of progression and survival.

    I have seen a sparkling hummingbird probing expertly for nectar in the climbing scarlet beans, and bees in the blossoms of the apple tree.
    Yet evolution says these abilities gradually appeared.

    I have seen men striving for things beyond their grasp or experience.
    Yet evolution says we are simply the products of natural selection from what has already been before.

    I have seen animals in cages in zoos, uncomprehending, pacing.
    Yet evolution says we are one of them.

    In my mind, I have seen perfection. Yet in the real world around me I have seen only that which isn't. I long for a heaven I cannot comprehend. Where did this longing come from if evolution is true?

    Could God have worked through evolution? No, He couldn't have. It's not His character to bring about life through death and destruction. Life comes directly from Him. Death and destruction came because of us. To 'credit' Him with the very death and destruction we caused and then call it part of His creative act is to deny His character and His Word.

    Because this I have seen and know for true: that God is good and just and fair, and in Him there is no death. I have seen that He is trustworthy in His Word and that He has shown us this trustworthiness in the natural world around us.

    This I have seen, and this I know -- that the claims of evolution are the claims of men who deny God's character and His Word.
    That those who claim to believe in Him deny Him the ability to communicate clearly or be trusted absolutely. They have, in short, made up a deity they can be comfortable with, who fits their ideas of how things are.

    But this I have seen -- the words

    And this I have seen --
    that I changed when I paid attention.

    Amen, and amen! Thanks for this excellent post Helen.

    A good post Helen

    Thank you, Helen, that was excellent!

    ---it was beautiful and accurate!