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This is a parable the lord inspired me to write...

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Acebopata, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Acebopata

    Acebopata New Member

    Mar 31, 2012
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    Here's the quick story about the origin of this parable.

    Back around 2007, I began reading a book series known as warriors, which is written by Erin Hunter. Two years later, I joined the warrior cat forum, which opened during the latter half of 2009. Then, about a month ago, the lord opened my eyes to the evil that is found in both the books, and the forums, thus causing me to give up the official warrior cat forums. however, last night, the Lord inspired me to post one last post, of which was to be a parable and a confirmation to the warrior cat forums of my eternal leave of that forum. This is the parable of which the Lord has inspired my to write to that forum, with the farewell address removed.

    The parable is placed into two distinctive stories. This is the first story, with it's interpretation.

    Behold, a King sends a friend of his to deliver a message, but an enemy of the king tricks the man to give him the secrete, causing great destruction among the nations. Upon which, the kind sent his son to correct of the issue, of which was promised anything he asked. Upon a successful completion of riding the kingdoms of this problem, the son request the man who has been tricked to be forgiven, and it was so.

    (The King Represent God, and his Friend Represents Adam. Like Adam, The Friend performed a terrible wrong, of which caused a problem of many people. The enemy who tricked the friend of the king represents Satan, who is the enemy of God. The Son is Jesus, who fulfilled the wishes of his father and became worthy to forgive because of this.)

    Now here is the second part of the parable.

    There are five authors, of which began writing a book series, filled with forbidden explicitness. One woman, who knew the law of the land, Fell at the feet of the son of the king, and confessed her part, (Though he had not actively participated in the project,) And the son of the king forgave her and eventually, after several ears of dating, (As this was the custom for royalty,) Married.

    While in the middle of the project, the eldest of the four remaining evil authors, fell at the feet of the son in repentance of her crime, and was forgiven. She, like the other author, married the kings uncle.

    After some time, when the project was to be released, the King requested an audience of the three evil authors who remained. When he questioned them, they confessed and begged for mercy, but none was given onto them, for they had waited to long to come forward, and judgement was passed.

    As of which, I shall ask you, who was righteous, the king, his son, the unrepeated authors, the repentant authors, or the man who failed the king? Surly I tell you, that only the unrepentant authors where unrighteous, as they had waited until it was to late to apologize, and the repentant authors and the man where forgiven by the son.

    (The Five authors represent sinners, and likewise, as in the last story, The King is God and his son is Jesus. Now one of these authors ask for mercy early in her life and soon after she broke the law, and thus was forgiven, and was married into the family of the king, thus the kingdom of God. Another author, the eldest, had stayed in the sin for some time, but she still came to repentance and asked the son to forgive her, of which, she was forgiven, and married to the uncle of the King. This too alludes to becoming a part of the kingdom of god, via the son, who is Jesus. The kind requesting the prescience of the three remaining authors represent death, and the judgement there after. The three authors tired to ask for mercy, but by then it was too late, and no mercy was given, Likewise, anyone who ask for forgiveness and come to the son Jesus after it is too late therefore received none. )