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Thomas Paine Video: Falsehoods And Propaganda

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by poncho, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. poncho

    poncho Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    In an ealier thread "We The People Stimulus Package" a couple of us here agreed that this video though entertaining was full of half truths and lies.

    We were then asked to point out these half truths and lies. Apparently our efforts weren't very convincing to those who seemed to like the video and disagreed with us. So today I brought Devvy Kidd here to reveal these half truths and lies point by point and ask you the reader some important questions.

    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]My last column, Lot's of Tea Parties - And then?, brought some emails complaining I was beating up on Glenn Beck of the FAUX (FOX) News Network because Beck is "our hero." What I did in that column is the same thing I've been doing going on twenty years: Ask questions. Who is Glenn Beck? How did he become a $50 million dollar anchor on a "conservative" network like FAUX after jumping from the liberal CNN? Why does he refuse to have guests on that would debunk some of what he's been peddling with hard facts instead of emotion?[/FONT]​

    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Let me give you this screaming example. Beck has had Bob Basso on his show to promote Basso's video, 'We the People Stimulus Package.' The new, modern day Thomas Paine! The problem: Is Basso a liar or just misinformed reading from a prepared script? Either one is not acceptable when putting out a video, not to mention the toxic message he has interspersed with lots of patriotic phrases. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Paine/Basso covers important issues like the illegals invasion with real solutions, blasts members of the Politburo (Congress) who don't read legislation and vote on it anyway, looting the people's purse. The hook. But, let's take some of Basso's other key points in this short video one by one:[/FONT]​

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