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Time Magazine "Evolution Wars"

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by TexasSky, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. TexasSky

    TexasSky Guest

    If you are interested in the Creation vs Evolution debate you should pick up a copy of the August 15, 2005 issue of Time Magazine.

    The cover is "Evolution Wars - The push to teach intelligent design raises a question: Does God have a place in science class?"

    The article includes interview with Francis Colins (Director of the National Human Genome Research Instutite"; Steven Pinker, a Harvard University psychology professor; Michael Behe - A Biochemistry Professor at Lehigh University and senior fellow at Discovery Institute; and Albert Mohler, President, Southern Baptists Theological Seminary.
  2. Johnv

    Johnv New Member

    Oct 24, 2001
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    I have it, but haven't read it yet. I can't comment until I read it. I usually read my TIME the day it arrives in the mailbox, but I've been a bit busy lately.
  3. billwald

    billwald New Member

    Jun 28, 2000
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    No, God has a place in metaphysics and philosophy. God + science = alchemy.