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Timeless Truths for Today's Christian

Discussion in 'Books & Publications Forum' started by Cindy, May 22, 2002.

  1. Cindy

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    Oct 27, 2000
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    Author Bruce Goettsche tells of a time when he had to drive his son to the hospital in dense fog....a stressful trip that took more than twice as long as it normally would because of the lack of visibility. "We were able to keep going because we knew the road well,we kept our eyes on the centerline and we knew what landmarks to look for."

    That's the premise behind the book,"Finding Your Way through the Fog/How to See Clearly When Life Gets Confusing,"published by Xulon Press. The book is actually a very practical study of the book of Colossians. Says Goettsche,who is an Illinois pastor, "This book is about finding your way through the foggy times of life. No matter what causes the fog, the key to getting through the fog is the same. We must have a firm grasp of what is true and a set of values we can rely on, even when we aren't thinking straight."

    You probably won't find any lightning-flash spiritual revelations in this very reader-friendly book. What you will find is a reaffirmation of things you've known as a Christian, but that we need to be reminded of from time to time--from recognizing false doctrine to the marks of spiritual maturity, and the biblical patterns for marriage,parenthood, and even being a good employee.

    Goettsche makes it clear that this isn't supposed to be a commentary on Colossians--he says there are plenty of those already. Rather, it aims to answer the question, "What truths will give us the anchor we need for turbulent times?" He enhances the book with personal illustrations told in an easygoing, even humorous style, giving the reader the feeling of being taught by a trusted and genial friend. Yet Goettsche doesn't mince words when it comes to serious problems in the church and in the lives of Christians today. Chapters have titles like "Communicating the Truth of the Gospel," "A Poster for Spiritual Maturity," "Job Description of a Disciple," and "Marriage,God's Way."

    The book is laid out in a style that's easy on the eye, and each chapter ends with a list of what Goettsche calls "life lessons" that make it easy to apply the Biblical principles to your own life, and a list of questions to facilitate thought or discussion. This book would easily lend itself to a Bible study or an adult Sunday School class series.

    Because it's published on an as-needed basis, the book isn't readily available in Christian bookstores, but can be found on internet sites such as http://www.amazon.com and by calling 1-866-381-BOOK.

    Many thanks to Charlie/CorpseNoMore for sending me the book. He thought I might be interested in interviewing Bruce Goettsche, and I will be doing that.