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Update For Dummies

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology Forum' started by tyndale1946, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. tyndale1946

    tyndale1946 Well-Known Member
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    Aug 30, 2001
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    Okay guys here is the problem... I use Explorer 10 and I need to update to Explorer 11 and bring all my favorites with it... I have Google but Google doesn't utilize favorites... So I have two browsers Explorer and Google... I get a notice your Explorer is out of date and needs updated, but when I check the box that says update to Explorer 11 nothing happens... What is going on?... I want to update to Explorer 11, but for some reason, it won't let me... Every time I go to a website, the same message follows me there... Your current browser is out of date... How do I find out what is blocking me from updating to Explorer 11?... What are the steps I need to go through to initiate the update?... I also have Mozilla Firefox which I don't use any more... Can you help?... Brother Glen:)
  2. liafailrock

    liafailrock Member
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    Jul 15, 2001
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    Non Baptist Christian
    Ahhh... the constant Microsoft saga of incompatibilities, malware and whatnot. I haven't used Microsoft in years for this reason (I use Android desktop, and tablet, iOS and Linux since they do not get malware to the degree Microsoft does, like, maybe a million times less) but I can give you hints as to what I remember using that jack-shoot operating system.

    1. First off, make sure that the present operating system can even support 11, or is this another MS way of making you "upgrade" to more headaches? People have a tendency to hold onto (I don't know why) older Windows versions like XP and Windows 7 and this is a problem when these newer softwares comes out it's "smart enough" to know you can't upgrade. Usually that leaves a message to that effect which you don't indicate is the case so I'm assuming you can upgrade. But just make sure first.
    2. If you can upgrade, uninstall IE10 completely.
    3. After that, make sure you have the latest MS updates for your operating system.
    4. Clean your registry after that to get out any leftover IE junk that may affect another install (I'm assuming no viruses at this point, but with MS its the only operating system you can get a virus by turning it on or a simple click of a link so maybe a virus scan is also in order)
    5. Go to the MS website and download (this is then a clean download) of Explorer 11.
    6. A normal operating system should allow this as what I am saying is logical and reasonable.

    Enjoy.... that is if the MS does not act up but probably will. In that case, get use to a real man's browser like FIrefox. Frankly, I don't know why you even want to use a security lax browser like IE with more holes that Swiss cheese, but.... that's your choice.