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Urban Legends: Immortal Man, Eternal Hell

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by BobRyan, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. BobRyan

    BobRyan Active Member

    Aug 27, 2002
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    Non Baptist Christian
    Might as well get this one out "again" as it keeps coming up on some other threads.

    #1. NO text says that man is immortal
    #2. NO text says that man has an "immortal soul"
    #3. NO text says "Hell burns forever"
    #4. NO text says "God is partial towards some choosing to save some while not caring at all about others".

    But even though that is true - is there not some way that we could twist and bend texts that do NOT say that - so that they might appear to say it without actually using those words?

    Have at it.

    For example in Jude we are told that Soddom and Gomorrah are perfect examples of cities destroyed by the punishment of eternal fire. But that is not very satisifying for those that need eternal fire - to NOT actually BURN STUFF UP.

    Is there no way to "Fix" Jude so that we get the fire STILL burning and those burned STILL writhing in agony after 3000 years?? Surely you can imagine some way to do it.

    Another example we have is in Matt 10 where we are told that JUST as sinful man today can easily "KILL the body but not the soul" God Himself not only KILLS but even "DESTROYS BOTH body AND soul in fiery hell". How very unsatisfying if what you really 'need" is for God to "TORMENT BUT NOT DESTROY the soul in hell while the body is in fact merely dust".

    Surely there is a good way to "FIX" Matt 10.

    Again - take a shot at it. All stories welcomed.

    Rev 14:10 is another very unsatifying text. There we learn that all the torment and suffering of our precious loved ones in the "Fire and Brimstone" of the 2nd death takes place "IN THE PRESENCE of the LAMB AND of His Holy ones". How very unsatisfying! That means we will be there to witness the whole thing right along with Christ. No hiding from the torment of our loved ones. (Of course some -- like Jonathan Edwards think that we will actually ENJOY it).

    But surely there is a way to fix Rev 14:10 so that our loved ones can writhe in agony for eternity while we are off some place else ignoring them and enjoying the presence of Christ.

    Surely there is some story telling that will "fix" Rev 14:10

    Feel free to try your hand at it.

    In Christ,

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