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Vox Day: 3rd-Party Freedom Lovers Unite!

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by KenH, May 30, 2006.

  1. KenH

    KenH Active Member

    May 18, 2002
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    A nice idea but I just don't see it happening for 2008.

    "For five years, Republicans have been wondering what in the world is going on inside the minds of their leaders. To be sure, there were no shortage of treacherous stabs in the back even before the current president's father was asking the American people to read his lips, but those could be explained away as political strategies – however incompetent – and individual failings.

    And the Republican leadership always found the grass roots willing to swallow such betrayals in the name of the long march toward power. Conservatives were able to tolerate much in the name of expanding the big tent and obtaining Republican majorities in the House, Senate and Supreme Court to provide a Republican president with what Ronald Reagan lacked, effective partnership across the three branches of federal government.
    But Republicans have looked on, aghast, as the man they believed would be Reagan's heir instead turned out to be the illegitimate heir to Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Baines Johnson. From his bizarre dabbles in Islamic theology to his enthusiastic embrace of activist, ever-expanding central government power, George W. Bush has sold out every Christian, every nationalist, every constitutionalist, every libertarian and every conservative in the Republican Party....

    It is now impossible to argue Republican politicians are any different than Democratic politicians with regard to their intrinsic ideology or their long-term goals for the nation. The intraparty debate merely concerns the speed with which the Constitution is abandoned, the sovereign rights of Man are eliminated and global federalist government is instituted....

    There are certainly ideological differences between ''third'' parties such as the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party and the current American Party, but these pale in comparison with each parties differences with the bi-factional ruling party of Democratic-Republicans. It is time to set differences aside and form an American Alliance that subscribes to the following three arch-principles:
    1. The sovereign rights of the individual Man.
    2. Constitutional literalism and originalism.
    3. Absolute national sovereignty.
    Could not even a conscientious Green sign on to that? Everything else is secondary, because without those three principles, all else can be modified at the momentary whim of those who hold the levers of power. Yes, the birth of a competitive new party will take time; yes, it would mean a Rodham presidency in 2008 (although since the Lizard Queen's victory is already in the cards, that's a feeble objection), but the reality is this:

    You are either with the concept of American liberty or against it. The Democratic-Republicans have proven themselves to be firmly against it. Either an American Alliance will restore America to herself, or her people will be swallowed up by the bureaucratic Brussels on the Potomac that is now aborning."

    - rest at LINK