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Wanna Blessing?

Discussion in 'Music Ministry' started by tinytim, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. tinytim

    tinytim <img src =/tim2.jpg>

    Oct 31, 2003
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    Hey, wanna blessing? I mean a blessing so big that you will be wiping tears?
    Go Here and listen to the song, "Faith is sleeping"

    I found an friend of mine on myspace that used to do concerts for me when I was a youth pastor. His name is Adam Cavender, and is from the Charleston WV area.

    This guy has always been talented, and this song is one of his best songs..
    It is titled, "Faith is Sleeping"

    Here is the story behind it, as Adam told it in Youth Camp one yr.

    This story is inspired by a little girl that was having problems at home. Her mom and dad could not get along, so as a defense mechanism, she would go off and sleep.. Hey, after all, if you are sleeping, you can dream about being anywhere you want.

    So one yr, she came to youth camp, and all she wanted to do was to sleep.

    At first the counselors didn't know what to do.. but they decided to walk on by and let her sleep... at least she could get some comfort as she slept.

    Then one day...

    Then one day....

    YOU ain't hearing me now...

    I said, ONE DAY.... She met a man named JESUS...

    And he changed her life...

    Now, go listen to the song...

    and see what you think...

    BE nice.. he is a friend of mine! lol
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