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Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by Elnora, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. Elnora

    Elnora New Member

    Jan 4, 2001
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    Sorry Moderators,

    I was not sure where to post this so I am posting it where the most amount of people see it. My apologies if this is not the appropriate place.

    I received this fraud e-mail and wanted to warn others. I have a very unusual e-mail account name and rarely, rarely get something from someone I don't know. This person says the got my e-mail from a Christian Site I haven't left my e-mail on any guestbooks etc. and my e-mail is hidden here. Just a warning to let you all know.

    I also do not know what to do with the e-mail. Can I report it somewhere if anyone knows? Here is a copy of it:

    Dear Beloved,

    It is a privileged to hear from God and it gives me
    joy to relate my testimony to you haven received
    instruction from God through divine revelation.

    And I have the pleasure to share my testimony with
    you, having seen your contact from the Internet. I am
    David Evans, the legal adviser to late Mr. John Duke
    couple that lived in my Country Nigeria for 32 years
    before they both died in the plane crash late last
    year. These couples were good Christians, they so
    dedicated to God but they had no child till they died.
    throughout their stay in my country, they acquired a
    lot of properties like lands, house properties, etc.

    please reply me through my private e-mail box;[email protected]

    As their legal adviser, before their death, the
    husband Mr. John Duke instructed me to write his WILL.
    Because they had no child, they dedicated their wealth
    to God. According to the WILL, the properties have to
    be sold and the money be given out to a ministry for
    the work of God. As their legal adviser, all the
    documents for the properties were in my care. He gave
    me the authority to sell the properties and give out
    the fund to the Ministries for the work of God.

    In short, after their death, I sold all the properties
    as instructed and I was able to realized $8.2million US
    dollars). Instead of giving the fund out for the work
    of God as instructed by the owner before his death, I
    converted the fund to myself with the intention of
    investing the fund abroad for my personal use. I was
    afraid of putting the fund in the Bank, because I have
    to give account to the bank on how I got the money. I
    then packaged the fund in a trunk boxes and deposited
    the trunk boxes with a security company in Holland.
    I registered the content of the trunk boxes as Gold
    Bars. Now, the security company believes that what I
    deposited with them was Gold Bars.

    I had encounter with Christ when Pastor Paul was
    preaching the word of God on television. After hearing
    the word of God, I gave my life to Christ and became a
    born again Christian. As a born again Christian, I
    started reading my bible and one day, the Lord opened
    my eyes and I discovered that the only way I could
    have peace in my life is to do what is lawful and
    right by giving out the fund as instructed for the
    work of God by the owner before his death.

    I have asked God for forgiveness and I know that God
    have forgiven me. But I have to do what is lawful and
    right in the sight of God by giving out the fund to
    the chosen ministry for the purpose of God's work as
    instructed by the owner before his death.

    After my fasting and prayers, I asked God to make his
    choice and direct me to a honest Christian or the
    chosen ministry that deserves this fund by his Grace.
    I then came across your address on the Internet as I
    was browsing through a Christian site, so this is how
    I got your contact information, and I then decided to
    contact you for the fund to be used wisely for things
    that will glorify the name of God.

    I have notified the Security Company where I deposited
    the trunk boxes that contained the fund, that somebody
    some one is coming to claim the trunk boxes on my behalf
    of which they accepted.

    So if you know that you will use this fund honestly
    for things that will glorify God's name, then do
    urgently contact me back first through this my
    private email address only [email protected] and the
    details will be given to you on how you will be able
    to receive the fund from the
    security company.

    You should also forward to me your telephone and fax
    number for easy communication and to fax you the
    documents concerning the trunk boxes.

    Please call me on my cell phone;+234-80-33235941.

    Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

    Yours in Christ.

    Barrister David Evans.

    [email protected]
  2. TheOliveBranch

    TheOliveBranch New Member

    Jul 17, 2002
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    I just got that very same email. I also have a very unusual address and rarely get unwanted email. We are both on this board, could the one sending it be getting it from here?
  3. Ed Edwards

    Ed Edwards <img src=/Ed.gif>

    Aug 20, 2002
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    I've averaged 2 of these each month for the
    last four years (the first year of which
    i was NOT on the Baptist Board).

  4. TheOliveBranch

    TheOliveBranch New Member

    Jul 17, 2002
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    This is my first. I'm also not on any other Christian websites.
  5. Jim1999

    Jim1999 <img src =/Jim1999.jpg>

    Aug 10, 2002
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    There are programs called spyware that get on your computer from different areas. The spyware picks up your email address and either sells it as a list or uses it. The spyware can come from anywhere, and usually through popup adverts from nebulous sources.

    It is my understanding that the BaptistBoard has done everything possible to prevent the release of any email addresses.

    I kow that the porno sites that get through to email accounts don't come from here. Every week I run myadaware program and find some 21-22 spyware files have made it to my computer..Once they are deleted, after about three days, some 300 emails disappear from my system.


  6. TheOliveBranch

    TheOliveBranch New Member

    Jul 17, 2002
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    Will a pop-up blocker stop the spyware?
  7. Elnora

    Elnora New Member

    Jan 4, 2001
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    Well mine is hidden and the people from here that have it I trust not to share it. I am careful who I give mine to. This is the first one I have received also. I have LavaSoft anti-spyware installed.
    Be very careful what you download. Gator is spyware, they also have some other programs I can't think of the name of them. They are one of the worst. I have visited ladies sites from here but haven't signed a guestbook in several years and certainly not since I canged e-mail addresses.

    I wonder, I noticed at times new people come here and then leave. They may be getting some addresses from peoples profiles it they have them to view. I would suggest people hide their e-mail addresses and when you trust longtime members, only then share it. I am not sure how they got mine.

    I do have the program Mail Washer. I can bounce the e-mail back so they think my e-mail address is not valid. You might try that. Be sure to save ANY files you download and scan them with your anti-virus before you open them.
  8. Tanker

    Tanker New Member

    Aug 27, 2003
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    The email from Nigeria is a variation of the Nigerian scam that has been making the rounds for several years. I get several of these each day, but they are more secular in nature. They usually have the same tone and are written in a stilted prose. My impression is that dozens or perhaps hundreds of Nigerians are involved in promoting this scam.
  9. Artimaeus

    Artimaeus Active Member

    Nov 30, 2002
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    No, you need programs like Spybot Search & Destroy and Adaware. You can use both and one will get what the other misses. They are both free.
  10. Gina B

    Gina B Active Member

    Dec 30, 2000
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    I get them all the time. If you have an e-mail address you can get junk e-mail.
    The only fun part to these ones is reading the stories they give. [​IMG] I think my favorite was the one where the guy's father was poisoned and on and on. They can get quite creative! I have a guy sounded e-mail address, and I get a few of the stories from "scared" women who have been looking everywhere for a man like me that they can trust with their money, and of course they say they found me through a Christian network. :eek:
    Gina...who is NOT a man!
  11. Dr. Bob

    Dr. Bob Administrator

    Jun 30, 2000
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    I get 100 spam messages an hour and 2-3 of these money-grubbing letters a DAY. I kid you not.

    But I own a domain and have well publicized email. I also administrate sites (like this one) and want people to be able to contact me.

    If you are fearful of your email being available here on the BB, you may opt to NOT publicize it. We can still PM (personal mail) you, a service of the BB and NOT linked to regular email.
  12. David Mark

    David Mark New Member

    Jul 11, 2003
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    I've registered 3 times on the www.donotcall.gov website.

    I have yet to get a confirmation email.

    Maybe some day they will have a national donotemail list and maybe it will work.

    I appreciate my RoadRunner ISP. I can create email accounts "under" my primary account. If I start getting too much spam, I can just delete that secondary account and recreate another one. I guard my primary account very well. I haven't had any problems yet.

    Hotmail is another issue altogether. I had blocked so many spammers that I had reached the Hotmail limit. So I reversed my technique. I spent a little more time and only allowed people I know to send email to my Hotmail account. Works perfectly. No Hotmail spam!

    Only recently I received a couple of emails on my RR accounts supposedly from Microsoft stating: Use this patch immediately! I just hit delete.

    It's a known issue... :D :D :D

  13. dianetavegia

    dianetavegia Guest

    Elnora, if you open the email, click on FILE, PROPERTIES. DETAILS and the Source... you can see where the email REALLY came from but you'll also see who else got it, What I've discovered is the computer generating these spam mailings will have my name but all sorts of 'close' spellings. Let's say your email is [email protected] ... they'd also have puppydogseyes, puppydawgeyes, puppydogi's, etc....

    I have an email addy I use ONLY for Ebay. I get an enormous amount of spam to that addy.

  14. Lorelei

    Lorelei <img src ="http://www.amacominc.com/~lorelei/mgsm.

    May 25, 2001
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  15. Catholic Dad

    Catholic Dad Guest

    I am not a Baptist but I hope you forgive my intrusion here. I just want to offer a tip that I learned some time ago.

    Jim1999 said:
    One way to help prevent spyware programs from getting your email is not to put your email in a post. If you must or desire to post your email, don't use the "@" symbol but replace it with the word "AT". For example, don't enter "[email protected]" but enter "dumdum at noplace dot com" Someone reading the post will know how to convert that to a valid email but the spyware programs will not catch it.

    Catholic Dad
    (Who apologizes for crashing the Baptist-only forum"
  16. Matt Black

    Matt Black Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Feb 25, 2003
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    What they want, apart from your email address, is most importantly for them your bank account details for money laundering and other fraudulent purposes. Do not under any circumstances divulge these.

    Yours in Christ