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WATCH: Muslim Zionist Proudly Defends Israel

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Revmitchell, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Feb 18, 2006
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    Kasim Hafeez, a British Muslim of Pakistani origin who presently works for Bnai Brith Canada, recently spoke at a Stand With US event in New York City in a lecture broadcast by Shalom TV. In the lecture, he described his dramatic transformation from being an anti-Semite and supporter of terrorism to being a Muslim Zionist who travels the world defending Israel’s right to exist.

    Hafeez highlighted that anti-Israel groups often recruit support by showing graphic pictures of dead children killed in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, without providing any sort of context. If real pictures don’t exist to serve the purpose, the anti-Israel activists will take pictures from Iraq and Syria, pretending that they originated in Gaza. They repeat the same slogans over and over again, even if it is during a class discussing the plight of the Amazon rainforest, merely to stir emotions against Israel, believing that if the slogans are repeated enough, people will believe them, even if they aren’t true.

    “When I was in university, I became very active. I was handing out leaflets stating Israel is an apartheid state, Israel is killing babies, Israel is eating polar bears, all of these kinds of crazy things,” Hafeez stressed. “I was going to events by very radical speakers. You had these guys who were anti-semites essentially coming to the university and speaking.”

    “In London, there is an event called the Al Quds Day Rally,” Hafeez explained. “It’s basically an Iranian gunmen sponsored hate fest. It’s in the center of London. It happens every year. Basically, you have certain British MPs who will say Israel is evil, Israel is a cancer. You have people in the center of London waving Hamas and Hezbollah flags, terrorist organizations. You have tiny children, six years old, holding up signs that Israel is a cancer. It’s awful. It is happening in the center of London.”

    According to Hafeez, all of the groups condemning Israel on campuses are anti-Israel and not pro-Palestinian: “I do not believe that anything resembling a pro-Palestinian movement exists in the western world, especially not in the Arab world because if it really did, why are they not speaking out against Hamas’ use of human shields, Hamas spending millions if not billions of dollars building tunnels underground and terrorism but not looking out for their own people. Why are they not speaking out against honor killings, why are they not speaking out against these summary executions against people in Gaza? There is a complete silence on that.”