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What do struggle with in school?

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by Dixie Girl, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. Dixie Girl

    Dixie Girl New Member

    Jun 2, 2002
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    While there is a post going on about public school I thought I would ask this question. I know someone already asked what you as teenagers struggle with the most, but what do you who go to public school struggle with the most? I always have trouble worrying about what people think of me, but with the Lord's help I'm overcoming that [​IMG] and of course there is always the issue of keeping my big mouth shut :D

    Because of Jesus,
  2. MissAbbyIFBaptist

    MissAbbyIFBaptist <img src=/3374.jpg>

    May 3, 2002
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    Well,I already posted about my temper, but that is what I struggle with the most in Public school.
    I'm not well liked there, and I guess it's because of the things I believe in.
    No one calls me "Abby". They call me "Grandma", "Miss Teacher", "Preacher Girl", or "sister Abby" {referring to the Catholics}, and "narrow minded". Prehaps the do this because of the fact I wear only dresses and skirts, or maybe it's the fact I don't go to dances/parties, listen to music, or any of the stuff they think "normal" teenagers do. Their favorite saying is:"Here comes Grandma! She was born middle aged, and just got older!"
    It used to make me mad, but It don't bother me no more. I just kinda smile and keep going. But oh, at times it's hared! Even the teachers tease. my choirus teacher always told me "Abby, you forgot to wear pants again!", and one of my teachers actual called me "Granny"!
    I have a temper, and thank the Lord, He has been working with me about that, but I still struggle with it! UGHHH! It's a daily thing I have to die to.
    That's what I struggle with most.
    ~Abby [​IMG]
  3. Bekagirl

    Bekagirl Guest

    Where to begin with the teasing of christians in public school? I wear tshirts, a necklace, and braclets with christian messages on them. Kids in my math class used to fold their hands, bow, and say "amen" or "praise the Lord" whenever i passed them. I never got mad though, because some of the students actually wanted to discuss why they didnt believe as i did. That gives me alot of chances to talk about God in school. Some of the teachers have tried to tell me that i cant do that in class, but i always whip out the "freedom of speech" thing. That usually gets them to back off awhile, but they watch me more closely now. Thats good too because they hear the Truth as well. I am glad that some of you are being persecuted too, that means that some people are actually listening to you. Keep it up, fight the good fight.
  4. SorryDude

    SorryDude Guest

    What do i struggle with most in school? Tis an interesting question, im not going to say teasing cause im not the type to get teased and care, i more or less ask for it the way i look. Being understood perhaps is more appropriet. I am rarely understood, this buggs me i guess, but what buggs me more is people who dont take the time to try to understand. I go to great lengths to understand others, but the favour is rarely returned. Looking at the world i used to be in and sometimes wanting to return to it is a struggle for me, i think the most difficult one. But i dont think that this would be much different if i went to a "catholic" or "christian" high school because the only thing that is really different in those schools are the teachers, not the students.
  5. simonfarmer

    simonfarmer Guest

    hey - i feel sorry for you guys being teased.

    that really stinks.

    i stopped going to school a few years ago - lol.

    now i'm homeschooled - and we haven't even got a computer at home.

    i think - just on functional, utilitarian grounds, schools aren't efficient.

    you've got maybe 25 kids in one class : all with different needs, desires, talents, temperaments etc.

    and all expected to follow the same curriculum?

    that's crazy.

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  6. amblivion

    amblivion New Member

    May 26, 2001
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    I don't sruggle with the same thing at school that I do with my daily life. The thing I struggle most with at school is wanting to be accepted and start acting like the other kids. So I would say that I stuggle with the peer pressure of being accepted.