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What does the great commission mean to you?

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by xdisciplex, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. xdisciplex

    xdisciplex New Member

    Dec 20, 2005
    Somehow I don't know how to interpret this. I mean does this mean that we, as christians, have to talk about Jesus with everybody we know and also with strangers? There is this guy, Ray Comfort, who has his style of evangelizing which is showing the people with the 10 commandments that they are sinners and then he asks them if God would send them to heaven or hell according to their sins and then most of them say hell. He says this works with everybody even with atheists but the problem is even if you convince an atheist that he is guilty according to the 10 commandments this will not impress him at all cause he doesn't believe in God.
    The question is do we as christians have to go to everybody we know and talk with them about Jesus? I don't know but I wouldn't even know what to say. I have tried this a few times on the internet and it never worked it always resulted in discussions about evolutions and such things and I am not good at this and these discussions are also exhausting and in most cases I'm confused afterwards. I tried to talk about God to my family members and it always resulted either in discussions or disagreement or arguing. I ask myself where is the sense of this? I am not good at evangelizing and it has never worked and I also don't feel comfortable talking to strangers about Jesus I wouldn't even know what to say. I know people which study with me and I have never talked to them about Jesus simply because I don't think they would be open. I think it would end in a discussion about evolution or the bible and they would come up with claims and most likely I wouldn't know all answers and then they would be even more convinced that the bible is a joke. I am not an apologist. I don't have all the answers. I would most likely not be able to win a debate and then they would be even more convinced that they are right and maybe my faith would even suffer from this. So why should I go out and talk to people and maybe even harm my own faith? Trying to talk about Jesus can be very frustrating when you see that the other one isn't interested.
    My personal opinion about witnessing to people is that witnessing out of a feeling of having to do it because God wants it isn't very helpful. My opinion is that when you notice that there is a situation where you get to talk about God with somebody and where there is an opportunity to share something then it's okay because God created this situation but simply talking to people and trying to convince them doesn't make sense. Or am I wrong? What do you think? What if I die and God is angry because I didn't warn others and share my faith? Many christians use this firefighter analogy where a house is burning and a family is dying and a firefighter sits in the car and doesn't help and then they say this is the same as a christian who doesn't warn the people. I think this analogy is not good at all. I mean think about it. Do you really think it would help the people if I went to them and warned them of hell and tell them they have to repent or they will go to hell? Imagine me going from house to house and warning them about hell. They would think I'm a lunatic. This wouldn't help anyone. This would even strengthen them in their feeling that christians are nuts. Simply warning the people doesn't help them because they don't take it seriously. Imagine you're a non-christian and in the shopping mall there is somebody standing there and preaching about hell, wouldn't you think that this is a lunatic from some sect and laugh about it? I would. This is how people react to something like this. So I think that when you think that you have done a great job simply telling people that they go to hell if they don't repent then you're wrong. This doesn't really accomplish much. Or what do you think?
    Somehow I feel like I'm forced to go out and talk to people even though I don't know what to say. How shall I know if it's from God or not? After listening to Ray Comfort I feel as if I have to witness to every person which I see on the street and I don't know if this is really from God or wether I'm simply being obsessed with this and afraid of not obeying God. :(
    How do I know if God wants me to talk to somebody or not? Or does God want me to talk to everybody? Does God want me to go from house to house?
    Does Jesus saying that we shall preach to every creature mean that we, as christians, do not need an extra command from God in order to witness to a certain person but that God has already told us to witness to everybody and this means we HAVE TO witness to everybody. No matter if it's a witch or an atheist or a muslim or a mormon and we have to witness to them and go to their hourses? Or would this be silly because you might also get yourself into danger?
  2. genesis12

    genesis12 Member

    Dec 26, 2005
    Well said. Here is your best point:

    Stick with that, don't worry one second about the rest. Relax, have a great day in the Lord.
  3. gekko

    gekko New Member

    Sep 16, 2005
    how do you know if God wants you to talk to somebody or not?

    well - look to scripture - it says "go out into all the world and preach the gospel to every nation"

    what's that tell you. God wants us to go and preach. he's not going to stop us from doing so.

    talk to strangers? yeesss. also family and friends.
    your friends were strangers before you became friends with them right?

    "because you might get yourself into danger" ??
    are you scared to be persecuted for the gospel?
    are you so ashamed of the gospel that you wonder if people will be open or not?

    saying that "oh they might not be open to the gospel" is like telling the pastor not to preach this sunday because the congregation may not give or something.

    the following is the two seasons of Way of the Master - I greatly encourage you to watch these. they explain and answer all of your questions.

    Episode 1: The Firefighters

    Episode 2: The Mirror of the Ten Commandments

    Episode 3: The Motive of the Sinner

    Episode 4: The Summary of Salvation

    Episode 5: Practice What You Preach

    Episode 6: Idolatry - The Darling Sin of Humanity

    Episode 7: The Beauty of a Broken Spirit - Atheism

    Episode 8: WDJD?

    Episode 9: Blasphemy, Sabbath and Parents

    Episode 10: Murder

    Episode 11: Adultery

    Episode 12: Theft

    Episode 13: Lie & Covet

    Episode 14: God's Wonderful Plan (Second Best Episode!)

    Episode 15: Conscience

    Episode 16: Alcatraz, Al Capone and Alcohol

    Episode 17: True and False Conversion

    Episode 18: When Things Go Wrong

    Episode 19: The Satanic Influence

    Episode 20: How to Witness to Someone Who's Gay

    Episode 21: Evolution

    Episode 22: How to Witness to a Loved One

    Episode 23: The Fear of God

    Episode 24: Ice-Breakers - Tracts

    Episode 25: The Greatest Gamble (Best Episode!)

    Episode 26: How to Get on Fire for God


    I encourage everybody to watch all of these.

    Don't wait for what you think may be an opportunity - there is always an opportunity - make an opportunity - go out there and plant and water the seed.
    #3 gekko, Jul 31, 2006
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  4. xdisciplex

    xdisciplex New Member

    Dec 20, 2005
    Oh boy....
    I know this stuff, gekko. This is what kind of causes my problems because Comfort is of the opinion that you have to preach to everyone. But I am not good at this. I'm not Ray Comfort. Ray Comfort can debate with atheists and it doesn't affect his faith but what if it affects my faith? Why should I expose myself to their arguments and risk my faith? What if I try to convert an atheist and he converts me? Then it was really worth it, right? :(
    This is what I mean with danger. Why should I expose myself to things which might negatively affect my faith? This would be very unwise. I cannot even really describe why I believe. I cannot nail it down to a superb argument. There is no argument. I simply believe because I do and I don't know why. I'm simply thankful that I believe but I cannot tell anybody why. This means I'm not a good witness. I could only repeat some good arguments for the bible but as soon as the other person would come up with questions I most likely would not be able to answer them. Those things which convince me might not convince somebody else at all and I really don't want to argue with atheists and hear their arguments because this has a negative effect on me. I have noticed this in the past. When I for example thought that I had a totally strong argument for christianity and then I told it to somebody on the internet and this person wasn't impressed at all then I asked myself what if this argument isn't that good and I only think it's good?
    When you debate with an atheist and none of your arguments affects him then this will make you doubt your arguments and then you might ask yourself wether you're even objective and wether you not simply believe because you want to believe.

    As for the firefighter analogy...
    These christians make it look like those which do not warn everybody are watching them go to hell and don't care enough to warn them but this is not true. The thing is that I don't really expect my warning to accomplish anything. If I knew that warning the person would make her convert then it would be a totally different thing but most likely it won't do anything.But do you really think that a real atheist will be impressed when you tell him about hell? Of course not, he will laugh in your face. Or what about a self-righteous person? Do you think she will become scared? No. If somebody thinks he's a good person then he'll also not be scared of God. I have made these experiences. Simply going around warning people of hell doesn't save them, most of them will only laugh about it.
    #4 xdisciplex, Jul 31, 2006
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  5. gekko

    gekko New Member

    Sep 16, 2005
    there's your problem right there - you dont have a sure faith - your faith isn't grounded.

    you speculate too much - you worry too much. it doesn't seem that you are examining yourself to see if you are in the faith.

    what if... what if... what if... let those go. dont speculate. have a sure faith.

    measure yourself against the scriptures.

    when you buy a new plant - you dont go sticking it in the closet for eternity. put it in the sunlight.

    christians are to go through persecution.

    study to show yourself approved - a workman who isn't ashamed.
    have an answer - study the scriptures - any time you got - study study study.

    in my opinion - from what you say it doesn't even seem you are a christian - now that's between you and God - but examine yourself - find out why you believe what you believe - find out what you believe.

    if you dont do that - you'll keep moping and fearing man - afraid some atheist may convert you.

    nothing is going to go just as you like it... sorry. its a fact of life. they may be responsive - they may not be. but why take the chance and not warn them?

    that's the thing though yo. ray comfort isn't just going out there warning people of hell. you've got this all wrong.

    they are using the law as a schoolmaster to bring these people to Christ. that if they dont have Christ in their lives - they're heading for hell. but that God provided a way so that they wouldn't have to go to hell. you know the rest.

    again - saying that somebody may not respond to the gospel is like telling the pastor not to preach this sunday because the congregation may not give.

    JESUS said to go to EVERYBODY. which doesn't mean - only a few people - just your family and friends... no. everybody.

    "the cock crow thrice and yo mic turn'd too cold - all in all your integrity was sold"

    search the scriptures - examine yourself.
    I'll be prayin for ya.
  6. billwald

    billwald New Member

    Jun 28, 2000
    This command was given to the Apostles, not the common folk.
  7. gekko

    gekko New Member

    Sep 16, 2005
    oh billwald...

    if the great commission was only given to the apostles - then christianity would have died out hundreds of years ago. give it a break.