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What IS Evil Part 6

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    What Is Evil
    Part 6

    We cannot enter into His rest unless God gives us time off our own labor so that we could LEARN under the light yoke (of repentance see Jer 31:18-19)(Mat 11:28-29); And this rest which needs to be entered into, remains (Heb 5:9-10).

    Has God given YOU time off “your work” so that you can labor in His word? (Heb 4:10-12); We can only enter into this rest providing we cease from OUR OWN works, so that we can labor into this rest (4:10-11); Without which we are in UNBELIEF (4:11).

    Can you hear His voice/word “TODAY”, so that your heart would not become hardened into the above unbelief? (Heb 4:7-6); Note: Jesus said, He can give us rest from our work, so that we can take the time to LEARN and find this rest for our soul (Matt 11:28-29).

    Those who are doing “THEIR OWN WORK” (are not laboring in the word of God) and these have another god, wherein they are in the bitter counsel of the wicked workers of iniquity (self-works) which is against those who are perfect (Ps 64:2-4).

    HAS GOD CRUCIFIED YOU FROM THE WORLD THAT BELIEVES THAT WE CAN WORK, RATHER THAN GOD WORKING? (Gal 6:14); The Sabbath is all about us taking at least one day without “our own work, ways, or pleasure” (But in His word, will, and work) (Is 58:13).

    Are YOU subject to what GOD is doing, OR are you making God subject to what YOUR doing?

    Evil has its “own way”, which is all about pride in all of its haughtiness (Prov 8:13); The evil way is NOT “the way of truth unto life” that has no one coming unto the Father, but by Jesus (Jn 14:6); Defined as; by the faith of Christ (Gal 2:17); And the only way we can have the faith OF Christ is providing we ASK God to crucify “US” with Christ, so that it would no longer be “US” living (for our own selfish selves) but Christ living in us (so that we can live unto God for others), and all of this is so that we would not frustrate the GRACE of God (Gal 2:20-21).