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What is it the WoF folks really believe?

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Plain Old Bill, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Plain Old Bill

    Plain Old Bill New Member

    Dec 30, 2003
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    What is thier theology? What is the difference between what they believe and what charismatics believe?What are thier fundamentals?
  2. gb93433

    gb93433 Active Member
    Site Supporter

    Jun 26, 2003
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    If you listen to TBN just for a few minutes you will quickly see the name it and claim it folks asking for money. If you also listen you will hear the TV folks proclaim how they have gotten rich by "God." The only problem is the ignorant who send money to them to help them get greedier and wealthier.

    That is like Tide soap saying that God made Tide rich because of the faith of the soap opera watchers.
  3. Chemnitz

    Chemnitz New Member

    Oct 25, 2001
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    As an outsider looking it, they appear to be a blend of Baptist, Pentacostal, and name it/claim it theology.
  4. Bookborn

    Bookborn New Member

    Oct 26, 2005
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    Bill, turns out I taught a whole series on this once. So, maybe I can shed some tiny light.

    Here is an acronym I came up with to describe the Word of Faith Movement... The Acronym is W.O.R.D. O.F. F.A.I.T.H.

    W - Wealth is God's Will for All Christians
    O - Overemphasis of Power of the Tongue
    R - Rebirth & Redemption in Hell of Jesus
    D - Downplaying of Doctrine

    O - Overemphasis of Power Over Satan
    F - Faith is a Force Used by God and All Men

    F - Faith in Your Own Faith (Faith in Self)
    A - All Christians are Little Gods
    I - Intellectual Laws of Logic Downplayed
    T - Teaching Another Gospel & Another Jesus
    H - Health is Always God's Will for Us

    This, of course, is a synopsis. I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have specifically or when I get more time, I'll enlarge upon this.
    Under His easy yoke,