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What made you choose homeschooling?

Discussion in 'Homeschooling Forum' started by Carnold23, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Carnold23

    Carnold23 Member

    Oct 14, 2015
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    I am looking into homeschooling for my two children. What factors made you decide to homeschool?
    In our area the school system is terrible but I also fear that my kids won't get the proper socialization that they need.
    I am trying really hard to make the right decision for my kids, and homeschooling is not very popular in my area.
    I would love to connect with other moms and dads who either are homeschooling, have homeschooled or are considering it.
  2. StFrancis

    StFrancis Member

    Oct 14, 2015
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    I chose homeschooling since I don't trust the curriculum here. Nowadays people don't take their children to government schools and they have opted to homeschool their children. At home, you can properly monitor your kids unlike at school.
  3. annsni

    annsni Administrator

    May 30, 2006
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    The socialization issue is really overrated. Seriously - what socialization do they get in school? They are with their teacher and 25 students who are at the exact same stage as they are. There is no one to look up to who is older, no one to encourage them like a parent does. All 4 of my kids have been homeschooled and then sent to the public high school and let me tell you - their teachers each have said that they are the best socialized kids they've seen. What did I do? Have them involved in a good homeschool group, have them around people at church, put them in different activities and just "do life" with them. They are comfortable being around babies to the elderly and can communicate with them and interact really well. So don't use the "socialization" scare to keep you away from homeschooling. I've met more unsocialized public school kids than homeschooled kids. :)

    The reason I chose homeschooling was because my oldest was in 1st grade and was diagnosed with ADD. She really struggled in school and they just couldn't manage her inattention well, constantly telling me she needed one on one attention. She was such a sweet kid but every single day, we had 2 hours of homework (in 1st grade) because she would have to do all of her schoolwork at home. Hubby was against the idea of bringing her home but I prayed that God would change his heart and I didn't push the issue and one day he said "I think we need to homeschool." So that's what we did! That child who struggled through 1st grade is now a certified art teacher who is looking for a full time teaching job but in the meantime is substitute teaching and working in the floral department of our grocery store (the job she's had for the last 8 years).

    For our first year of homeschooling, I sent my youngest at the time to kindergarten so I could figure out this homeschooling thing and I HATED the attitude she picked up. She was a smart kid with a bit of an attitude and the attitude got worse as the year went on. I couldn't wait to pull her out! So she came home for 1st grade the following year. Since that time, none of my kids have entered school until 9th grade. I had 2 more kids and they are now 10th grade and 8th grade (8th grader is still home) and my second child is in her second year of grad school going for her doctorate of audiology. Homeschooling works both academically and socially along with emotionally and spiritually. It was the best thing I could have ever chosen to do 19 years ago. :)