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What would Jesus really do?

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by Martin, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Martin

    Martin Active Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    "What would Jesus really do?" is a commentary on CNN's website. The article is written by Roland Martin who claims to be a Christian. While I disagree with some of his points I must find myself in agreement with others. So I guess this commentary is a double edged sword (just as good as it is bad).

  2. 2 Timothy2:1-4

    2 Timothy2:1-4 New Member

    Dec 22, 2006
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    Again with the "Christian right only cares about abortion and homosexuality". Nothing could be frther from the truth however if it were true about abortion alone it would not be a bad thing. To place abortion in such a light reveals a disinterest in the innoccent lives of unborn children. This murderous slaughter that goes on in this country every day is the worst atrocity in history.

    As for whether we care about more issues than these there is no doubt. But these issues are not brought up by the Christian conservative right. They are brought up by the murdering abortionists and the gay community. We find ourselves responding to lawsuits, as the gay community works feverishly to advance their psuedo-human rights agenda.

    Christian conservatives do not defend divorce nor do we support it. And there is no evidence to support that there is an ever widening gap between the poor and homeless and the others. This statement reveals the socialist mindset that pervades the critics of Conservative Christians.

    What I see is an exagerated infactuation of what the Conservative Christians are doing rather than actually doing something to relieve the homeless. Maybe the author should look for some authenticity and look to avoid hypocracy. The author may be looking for a day when some will sit at the table with men like Sharpton and Jackson but he will need to become an expert at holding his breath. They will not sit at the table with them not because of skin color as he insinuates but because they are in fact "pimping God" out to a community that desperately needs some real issues addressed. They have no credibility. They are all bout lining their own pockets and very little about the needs of the black community. And now a days the black community is becoming more and more aware of this.

    If the author wants to stop crack use in the black community he should stop spending time critcizing others and get out there and do something. His wasted breath in no way relieves and addict from their vice.
    #2 2 Timothy2:1-4, Apr 6, 2007
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  3. Ed Edwards

    Ed Edwards <img src=/Ed.gif>

    Aug 20, 2002
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    OP cited source:
    That statement conflicts the Baptist penchant toward separation.

    My father was a police-person. I can't see banding with
    police killers to dis cops.
  4. Ralph III

    Ralph III New Member

    Jun 2, 2006
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    The article simply seeks to discredit the "Christian right" and diminish the atrocity of Abortion. He also makes numerous false statements as noted by 2 Timothy2:1-4. As many of the issues he speaks of are concerns of everyone and efforts are indeed taken to correct or help those.

    If it were simply a matter of voting on issues which involved racism, poverty, the homeless, addiction etc etc. Then you would have many more cross-over voting or consideration of such.

    To set the record straight more people own homes today in America than any other time. Churches and faith based groups, which would include white conservatives and probably mostly so, are greatly involved with feeding, helping and sheltering those in need. It would be egregious to omit the fact many of those are in the situation they are simply because of their own bad choices. Thus there will always be the poor, the homeless, and the addict. That is not to say Christians should not help, as most assuredly they do regardless; but we or the Gov. will never solve problems for those unwilling to help themselves or who are content with such a lifestyle.

    For the life of me though, I do not see how a man living in a shelter or on the street is as bad as a helpless Baby; which has his skull crushed, all the while kicking and screaming "why mommy" and is then thrown out in the trash! It behooves me how some, especially those who profess to be Christian, feel other political issues are just as important. Or who simply choose to question and criticize Christians who do not see that as such.

    The Lord says:

    If the author is going to talk about how a Christian is to be, he should at least offer a quote from the Bible, don't you think?

    take care:jesus:
    #4 Ralph III, Apr 6, 2007
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