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What's YOUR IQ?

Discussion in 'Jokes & Humor (Clean)' started by just-want-peace, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. just-want-peace

    just-want-peace Well-Known Member
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    Feb 3, 2002
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    From an email I received:

    A man walked into a very high-tech bar. As he sat down on a stool he noticed that the bartender was a robot. The robot clicked to attention and asked, "Sir, what will you have?"
    The man thought a moment then replied, "A martini please."
    The robot clicked a couple of times and mixed the best martini the man had ever had.
    The robot then asked, "Sir, what is your IQ?"
    The man answered "oh, about 164."
    The robot then proceeded to discuss the 'theory of relativity',
    'inter-steller space travel', 'the latest medical break through,
    etc.......The man was most impressed.

    He left the bar but thought he would try a
    different tact.. He returned and took a seat. Again the robot clicked
    and asked what he would have? "A Martini please."
    Again it was superb. The robot again asked "what is your IQ sir?"
    This time the man answered, "Oh about 100". So the robot started discussing Nascar racing, the latest basketball scores, and what to expect the Dodgers to do this weekend.

    The guy had to try it one more time. So he left, returned and took a
    stool.... Again a martini, and the question, "What is your IQ?"?
    This time the man drawled out "Uh..... bout 50".
    The robot clicked then leaned close and very slowly asked,
    "A-r-e y-o-u p-e-o-p-l-e s-t-i-l-l h-a-p-p-y w-i-t-h O-B-A-M-A?
  2. SolaSaint

    SolaSaint Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2009
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  3. Revmitchell

    Revmitchell Well-Known Member
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    Feb 18, 2006
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    Now that right there is funny. And so true