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When is the Beast Personified as Antichrist?

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Mel Miller, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Mel Miller

    Mel Miller New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    I can't see the Beast's W&H (wounded and healed) as a reference to a person; for the Beast does not begin to represent a PERSON until
    it (the Beast as a symbol of world power; WP) has been W&H.

    Therefore the W&H, IMO, affects the symbolic Beast while the Harlot sits upon the 7 hills of world power. The Beast remains an ENTITY
    before and after the W&H action represents the Beast as a PERSON.

    That's why the Beast-Person is called an "8th King". He is "out of the 7th WP as a person prior to being indwelt by the Beast from the Abyss as the Antichrist (AC). So he is therefore also the 2nd ruler of the final WP.

    In that case, the AC cannot be W&H. The Beast-ENTITY is W&H by the Ten Kings that destroy Mystery Babylon in "one hour with fire" and then "eat her flesh", i.e., confiscate the SYSTEM represented by the Beast as an ENTITY. It's the same WP; but under a 2nd (8th) ruler.

    So the Beast-ENTITY is personified as a Beast-PERSON at Midweek of
    Daniel's 70th Seven. That is when the AC is "revealed" although we may "guess" his identity during the first half of the Week. For he, as the "little horn" of Daniel, will "subdue" 3 of the 10 kings who destroy Babylon before Satan empowers him by a demon from the Abyss and the 10 kings give him global "authority".

    Since the Antichrist is not "revealed" until the midst of Daniel's 70th Seven, we should hesitate to identify him by name at least until he
    overcomes three of the Ten Kings who will destroy Rome in one hour ! :wavey:

    Mel Miller www.lastday.net
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