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Where did name AV come from?

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by robycop3, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. robycop3

    robycop3 Well-Known Member
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    Jul 31, 2000
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    On another board, some of us, including Will Kinney from here, have been wondering "aloud" when the AV 1611 was first called by that name, & who started it. Also, I've been wondering when this Bible was first called the "King James Bible" and by whom. "KJVersion" came about after other versions began to be used, I believe.(But not sure WHEN it began...)
  2. Phillip

    Phillip <b>Moderator</b>

    Jun 29, 2001
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    According to "The Journey from Texts to Translations" that I quote in the KJV History thread:

    "The original name as dedicated to King James in its entirety:

    The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Testament and the New: Newly Translated out of the Originall tongues: & with the former Translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majestie's speciall Commandement. Appointed to be read in Churches."
    The wording of the title is somewhat surprising, since there were no decrees or laws authorizing it as a translation or requiring its usage. Its acceptance as the AV of 1611 is apparently based upon the king's influence and the reputation of its translators."

    The book does not seem to say when the King James Version was first used, but apparently after quite a few versions had been printed and maybe as late as the 1800's to possibly the 1700's. There seems to be none listed in the 1600's although there were many variants published.