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Why Did Judas Need to Identify Christ?

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by Ulsterman, May 17, 2005.

  1. Ulsterman

    Ulsterman New Member

    Aug 13, 2002
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    In the gospels it is revealed that Judas identified Jesus to His persecutors by means of a kiss. Yet, Jeus said to them "When I was daily with you in the temple, ye stretched forth no hands against me."

    Why was it necessary for Judas to identify such a well known figure to His captors?
  2. jdcanady

    jdcanady New Member

    Apr 18, 2005
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    First of all, Jerusalem had hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions during the celebrations and festivals. Even if Jesus were known by sight to tens of thousands, He still would not have been easily recognized by sight to the guards (cohort) that came to arrest him. Unlike today, no photos, no T.V. No widespread recognition except on coins, perhaps.

    Most of those who knew of Him and His miracles may have never been able to get close enough, long enough to recognize him.

    Second: Think like the soldiers. They came at night, which would make recognition even more difficult. They may have feared that storming the area might cause confusion and He might escape in the darkness. If they arrested everyone, but He escaped, He would be tipped off that He had been betrayed. Remember, they had tried to sieze Him before, but were unable.

    Thirdly: Theologically, the betrayal was powerfully portrayed in a very intimate way. He betrayed Him with a kiss. A sign of great affection and devotion. By our mouths we praise Him but our hearts are black, so to speak. Only God knows the hearts of men.