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Why I am a "Freedom Reader"...

Discussion in 'Bible Versions & Translations' started by robycop3, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. robycop3

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    Jul 31, 2000
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    Some of ya might wonder why I rag on KJVO so often The answer? IT'S FALSE! here's a little of how I came to that conclusion:

    Early on(1981) I began investigating on my own to see if there was any truth to KJVO . After all, the KJV was then the most-prevalent English BV, & had been around a long time.

    The first thing that stood out to me was, after carefully reading the KJV through several times(I was led to CHRIST thru God's word as found in the NASV) I found NOTHING supporting KJVO by the slightest implication. I then began investigating the KJVO claims one-by-one & found almost all of them FALSE, such as the "Psalm 12:6-7 thingie", the "Isaiah 14:12 thingie", the "NIV calls Joseph Christ's father thingie", "the KJV is perfect; it's the ONLY valid English Bible version", "The Alexandrian mss are all corrupt".

    As I dug farther, I found that KJVO is a man-made myth, based largely upon 7TH DAY ADVENTIST official Dr. Benjamin Wilkinson's 1930 book, Our Authorized Bible Vindicated. Subsequent authors such as J. J. Ray(whoever that is! Try to find out any personal info about this person!), Dr. D. O. Fuller, Dr. Peter Ruckman, Moorman, Melton, and a host of others whose names should be familiar to KJVOs & Freedom Readers alike, saw a cash cow & tried to milk it.

    I have found that the first KJVO authors depended heavily upon Dr. W's book for their info, and later authors copied the same hooey slightly re-worded, along with some hooey invented by those first authors, while adding more hooey of their own. In other words, the whole doctrine is a mess of man-made hooey that grows like Pinocchio's nose.

    The whole current KJVO myth is based upon NON-SCRIPTURAL, MAN-MADE ideas, plagiarism, Koppie-Katting, smokescreens, and outright LIES, with a huge credibility gap between that man-made doctrine & the KJV itself! That begs this question: "Why should anything OF GOD be so shrouded in the deceptive practices of human salesmanship? WHY NOT JUST TELL THE TRUTH?" The answer is, THERE'S NO TRUTH IN THE KJVO MYTH. It is entirely a MAN-MADE doctrine, invented by HUMAN authors, not found in the KJV itself in any shape, form, or fashion, not by the slightest implication, either in the text or in the translators' comments. But I admit that most KJVO authors have some writing talent and their stuff can take in the gullible. The fact that KJVO is not found in Scripture makes KJVO wrong, and should be enough for any TRUE CHRISTIAN to avoid it completely.

    While there's nothing wrong with preferring the KJV above any other version because one likes it the best, there is PLENTY wrong with telling someone using another valid version that "Youse dont got no REEL BIBUL thar, Sunny." After all, it's GOD'S word, not ours.

    I believe my witness to the lost should be 100% simon-pure TRUTH. And in all conscience I cannot sit idly by while someone injects falsehood into the worship of GOD, leading others as astray as they are themselves. And KJVO IS falsehood!