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Why is the Hour of Judgment "Good News"?

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Mel Miller, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Mel Miller

    Mel Miller New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    How may the three messages of Judgment flashed across the sky on the lastday be considered "Good News"? Rev.14:6-11.

    What Joel described as a "great and terrible" Day for the wicked was
    quoted by Peter as a "great and glorious" Day for the righteous. It is a "Day of Wrath"; but also brings Deliverance to all the Saints, rescue of 144,000 from Mt. Zion and the "restitution of all things" according to the Davidic Covenant with Jesus returning from heaven and predicted
    by Peter as well. Acts 3:21.

    The only "Great and Wonderful Sign" seen in heaven will occur on the last day immediately after the Son of Man reaps the earth and three angels
    sent from heaven aid in "collecting the wicked to the winepress of God's great anger"...the final reservoir of His impatience! Rev.14:15 to Rev.15:1.

    This Great and Wonderful Sign immediately precedes the entrance of
    all the Saints into the presence of God and the Lamb for the first time
    ever. First, all the Martyrs (and the 144,000) appear before God (Rev.15:1-5) to sing their songs of victory prior to entering the Temple in heaven to praise God and the Lamb. Rev.7:9-17 follows Rev.15:1-5!!

    Their praise leads immediately to the Court's Judgment in Seal 7. The verdict of the Angel of Fire leads quickly to the Triumph of Trump 7.
    The Hour of Judgment, the Hour to Reap the Wicked and the "Hour of
    Trial coming on all mankind on all the face of all the earth" may indeed
    be considered the greatest "good news" ever to greet those who will
    "praise and glorify God on earth" even as the Two Witnesses are taken
    up to heaven to join in the Tribunal of the 7th Seal and the great quake kills 7000 of the Beast's Elite Death Squad in Jerusalem!!! Rev.11:12-14.

    Mel Miller www.lastday.net