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New Profile Posts

  1. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
    Pastor Nathaniel G komba KenH
    hi ken how are you hope all is well
  2. Robert William
    Robert William
    Greetings, I was born from above in 1980, I am now 57. I am divorced as of Dec 25, 2017. Currently, I am not in fellowship,
  3. aadebayo
  4. aadebayo
    I am a born again Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ
  5. JB_Reformed Baptist
  6. JPPT1974
    Happy Spring Fling
  7. lokomimiloko123
    am call loko married to mr Christ and we have two kid
  8. Christine Baker
    Christine Baker
    I have insufficient privileges to reply to posts. Hilarious!
  9. Alvin Lam
  10. PreacherJohn
  11. Bro. James
    Bro. James
    Watching and praying: Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
  12. Samuels
    Not Baptist-only
  13. siudawg
    Fundamental; anti-Calvinist; Liberty motivated; Pre-Trib; non-Dispen: quasi-Covenant;
  14. JacobElliott
    Historical Southern Baptist, affirms the 1689
  15. tpc10
    Saved and serving the King of kings and Lord of lords
  16. Natha
    I am serving Gospel in India.. i am fundamental Baptist... working to build churches with right doctrine.
    1. Christine Baker
      Christine Baker
      Then why are you a baptist?lol
      Mar 21, 2017 at 8:18 AM
      Natha likes this.
    2. Natha
      This is good question... thank you,,,
      I am working to develop the right doctrine in Out side ministries.. where 80% ministries are raising false doctrines..
      I am conducting the conferences, seminars, workshops, training classes to teach the fundamentals and right doctrine... India my country is with more charishmatic and pentecostal doctrines. so i am doing my part,
      i hope this is enough
      God bless you
      Mar 22, 2017 at 10:13 AM
  17. Pastor Timothy
    Pastor Timothy
    Southern Baptist
  18. Crabtownboy
    Truckin' along.
  19. The American Dream
    The American Dream
    My faith is in Jesus Christ alone for my salvation and daily walk with Him. I attend a SBC and serve as a deacon, Sunday School teacher.
  20. Grasshopper