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  1. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire kyredneck
    He is a mess…I generally ignore m
    him. Same goes for Silver Hair an some of these bobo’s who are attempting to hold this board. It’s no wonder this place is on its last legs
  2. JPPT1974
    Ready for June and Summertime!
  3. JPPT1974
    May Day and May Flowers!
  4. JPPT1974
    Easter is Coming!
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  5. John I Morris
    John I Morris
    Enjoy being back in snow and cold weather country, had fresh snow the first three mornings we were here in Idaho. Thankful for a Red State!
  6. Natha
    Lord teach me to stay well
  7. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire AVL1984
    I was just questioning him to see if he was real. Anyway they shut him down… but because there is no administration staff, this place advertised for cons
  8. JPPT1974
    March Madness
  9. Herrybrock
  10. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire Scarlett O.
    Scarlet, do you know if anyone has any connections to any humanitarian organizations that could help this African guy in Cartagena… he sounds lost. I’ve encouraged him to get out of there but I have a feeling he doesn’t have the means nor any support. I just hate not being able to help the guy
    1. Scarlett O.
      Scarlett O.
      EW&F - Plavious is on many forums and has been for years. Many people have tried to help and direct him to resources. I was just praying for him. There are so many in his same position across the world. I'm afraid all I have to offer is prayers and encouragement.
      Jan 30, 2024
  11. JPPT1974
    SB LVIII 2/11/2024
  12. Guy Humphries
    Guy Humphries
    Age 90. Saved 78 years. Caregiver for invalid wife of 72 years. Bible student of prophesy/end times. Author of 3 Ebooks on line
  13. JPPT1974
    Ready for 2024 Aren't You?!
  14. Roy Kling
    Roy Kling
    He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.
  15. JPPT1974
    Ready for Thanksgiving!
  16. JPPT1974
    Happy Thanksgiving
  17. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire atpollard
    I’m impressed with your knowledge of power technology and design. Would that this country would think outa their box and implement tiered designs for power infrastructures

    Thanks for the information… refreshing!
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  18. Kathy (McKInley) Haigler
    Kathy (McKInley) Haigler rlvaughn
    Dr. Peter Connolly & his wife ?Francis? were family friends with Charles & Shirley McKinley in Pasadena, TX. When he died, Charles gave him a spot in the family plot -the marker says “McKinley Connolly” at Forest Park East cemetery in League City, TX. I have photos of his headstone: “Dr. Peter Connolly 1900-1969”. My cell is 281-923-8015 and my email address is [email protected].
  19. JPPT1974
    Praying for Israel!
  20. JPPT1974
    October Autumn Winds!